Are Digital trades inevitable? Swissblock bank and e-commerce revolution.

Are Digital trades inevitable? Swissblock bank and e-commerce revolution.

Swissblock bank and digital trades work side by side in empowering the businesses in terms of finance management. Digital trades have been increased to great extent in past 2 years. Now from e-commerce a person easily sells his services and products all over the world. The main issue here is channelization of funds and we all know that traditional banking will not be able to cope with this.

Swissblock bank and ecommerce

E-commerce has changed the economy globally and created an easiness between buyer and seller. Proper management of money through a secure tunnel and easy payment gateways is what makes an e-commerce platform unique. Further fin tech banking has changed the whole perspective by introducing virtual cards and it has cut down the wait for card arrival. Swissblock has also come up with several plans to empower the e-commerce so the global economy can be sustainable.

Digital trades and swissblock 

Digital trades are increasing efficiency and productivity of the people with cost effectiveness. New skillsets in the market have empowered the youth in financial way. Everyone is now looking for best way to channelize the money and swissblock is one of the best means to do that. Our banking system let you send , spend and track your money easily.

Pay for your coffee or for air travel in just few taps on swissblock app. Further swissblock app is also providing apple pay and google pay feature so our young generation can have all in one platform for money management and payments.

Digital trades are creating a new variety of entrepreneurs and now the micro and macro businesses are no longer restricted locally or domestically. Similarly if the payments will be halted worldwide in global business, then it will be worrisome and pathetic for the business and employees. Are you going through that? Does your bank not giving you value for money and easy currency exchanges? 

Don’t worry, Your financial management is just one step away now with swissblock bank. Enjoy limitless banking using fiat and crypto with good conversion rates. Our multi currency account (EUR GBP USD) is now changing the way of international banking for most of people. Our infrastructure are inspiring and tons of businesses are attached with us. We are still on the mission to make money transfers easy across the borders and to revolutionize the financial industry.

International banking needs to be fixed.

 Sending and receiving money across the borders is not easy due to the old international banking system. Delay in transfers, up to 40 days of wait to get money, holding periods and all is what makes money more difficult and people consider a nightmare to send and receive money. Swissblock makes money for US UK AND EU borderless and easy to transfer.  Multi currency debit cards are also creating ease to spend money anywhere online with safe and reliable AML features.

We are humbled that many of you rely on us for financial services and we are striving hard to make customer care and support availability 24/7 across the globe. We cant wait to bring the next 50million users on board as we  continue to serve with new, fair and low fee systems for user ease.


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