1st Crypto bank: Benefits and perks offered by swissblock

1st Crypto bank: Benefits and perks offered by swissblock

Crypto bank provides you with the opportunity to bring your stored crypto in use. Everyday payments and other spending including business payment disbursement and direct debits using cryptocurrency was the basic idea behind bitcoin. Swissblock has been reviving this idea by innovating new system of blockchain backed crypto bank that provides user with the option to use crypto as payment method with best conversion rates. Minimizing the use of paper money and revolutionizing the world through integration of crypto payment method is the main goal of swissblock. The fee-less crypto exchange along with bank also provides best trading platform for crypto and stocks.

Crypto bank with crypto exchange

Swissblock offers multiple modules in banking system with fastest payouts and 24/7 live support. Main features which we are offering includes

1.Retail banking

Offering of basic financial banking to users with account creation and money management is what swissblock offers in retail banking. Furthur swissblock also offers safe access to the credits and deposits. We have also addded additional features in swissblock banking system, such as assessment of recurring charges and scanning a fingerprint to log into an account. Users can access to variety of services such as mortgages, credit cards, everyday spending, foreign currency conversion and various kind of fares.

Fiat-crypto conversion

This outclass method of swissblock bank offers best and stable exchange rates with direct debits and easy payments with debit card. Thus getting paid hassle-free and making instant payments worldwide is possible due to the faster inter-modular system in swissblock. Also the transfer between friends and family is always fast and instant no matter where they are. So wiring payments internationally at great exchange rates is possible due to swissblock system.

Debit card facility-Swissblock

For selected regions, we are also rolling out our colorful and personalized cards for making transactions more easy and fast. Swissblock labs are also offering personalized project incubation for proper development of crypto projects and banking operations management.

Also the virtual cards are easy to use. Users just need to add a card in the mobile and then one can pay easily through mobile phone in just 1 tap. Swissblock gives user the opportunity to monitor card and bank by fingertips. One can freeze his/her card with limit increase and decrease from the swissblock application.

Getting instant app notifications with money management alerts with additional perks of swissblock metal card to stand out in the community is also what makes swissblock the 1st blockchain bank with fast payouts and relatively better features.

Swissblock crypto bank

Swissblock Crypto bank offers you with the privilege to buy and sale crypto currency through simple clicks and without the headache of waiting for hours for the payouts for crypto to arrive. The cashbacks privilege of up to 1.2% on paying through swissblock platinum cards also adds on to the exciting swissblock features.

We will be describing more features in upcoming blog.

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