1st Crypto Banking facility with instant and timely cashbacks

1st Crypto Banking facility with instant and timely cashbacks

Swissblock crypto banking is offering instant cashbacks and good returns over your spending’s from your linked crypto wallet. The instant cashbacks and facility of getting a particular percentage of crypto back in your wallet has rolled out to be a great feature for the customers to get something extra and exciting. Swissblock crypto card linked with your crypto banking wallet is also striving to maximize the cashbacks and score free travel. This is a feature which empower the users that are building their credit history from the scratch or those that are striving to achieve travel perks and other benefits.

Crypto banking facility by swissblock is also focused to provide with instant payment methods without any need of waiting for traditional time taking transactions .This card proved to be the useful tool for the right spender. It comes with a visa signature benefits including access to travelling opportunities ,sports, luxury hotel collection and much more. Crypto rewards are rolled out each month and the user has the facility to change it to his own chosen crypto. There is no annual fee and no charges on foreign transactions.

Crypto banking with associates

Crypto Banking facility with accompanying reward management also provides you with the facility to move and spend your cashbacks to other wallets. All new updates regarding the crypto banking of swissblock is being updated through our twitter channel for better understanding of the audience. Swissblock crypto banking is also offering 2.5% back on dining (up to $5,000 in annual spend, then 1%). 2.5% back on groceries. 0.8%back on all other purchases.

Crypto Card summary

The  Swissblock crypto banking offers rewards to flat cash back cards:

  • 2% back in crypto on every purchase
  • 3.5% back in crypto rewards for the first 120 days after account opening  (capped after $100 worth of crypto earned)
  • After you spend at least $80,000 annually, rewards raise to 2% back in crypto on every purchase
  • Rewards are automatically redeemed monthly and transferred to your Swissblock account where you can earn additional interest
  • No annual fee, no foreign transaction fees

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