1st crypto Payment system for all with innovative and fast blockchain by swissblock.

1st crypto Payment system for all with innovative and fast blockchain by swissblock.

Single crypto payment system has been in discussions a while ago with global interest towards blockchain to integrate in payment system. The major benefit of this system is that it will automate and increase the velocity of payment transfers between the sender and receiver without any headache of pending payment. Swissblock has come up with the solution a while ago and offered 1st blockchain backed crypto bank with cryptocurrency exchange to make buy and sale of crypto easy and reliable.

The major part of banking in swissblock also depends upon the automation for making payments easy and swift. The linkage of crypto banking account with the exchange wallet adds on a benefit of making the wallet crypto into use.

Crypto payment system automation and swissblock

It is a general view of many financial advisors and institutions that the first ever cryptocurrency that was supposed to be used as a payment method for goods and transports has been changed into the thing it was never intended to be. With swissblock crypto payment system, we are again making the idea of usage of crypto in payment system alive by offering blockchain backed crypto banking with fee-less crypto exchange to users. Bitcoin became an asset and commodity for trading

It was revealed from the studies that bitcoin has very less use for paying and making transactions of everyday spending and if someone use it as payment options, the system collapses and pending payments in between the sender and receiver, but after the launching of swissblock it has been revolutionized into unique way of using your crypto wallet for paying hassle free. Swissblock’s system of automated payments also empower the user to track the payment and his/her crypto throughout the process. We generate a unique tracking ID for this too.

Credit card payments through swissblock

 With swissblock’s innovative credit cards, you have the privilege to pay for gasoline or a meal at your favorite restaurant in dollars or pay for that awesome new Tesla in cryptocurrency.

Crypto payment system integration with crypto exchange is what swissblock offer with the fast transactions and credit card facility to redeem funds and to pay with favorite cryptocurrency. Further swissblock is not charging anything for buying and selling crypto. Its charges 0% commission on all trades.

Swissblock is striving to merge the crypto world with the real world and for this swissblock has rolled out personalized debit cards which proved to be a great idea for betterment of the system. Crypto payment system integration into swissblock has been only possible after taking the bitcoin’s vision into consideration, improving it and taking steps to make it bigger and safer both for the system and user.

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