2 simple ways to open swissblock business account with your smartphone.

2 simple ways to open swissblock business account with your smartphone.

Swissblock business account offers you great ways to manage your business payments and remittances. Now opening your business account can be done through 2 ways. Either you convert the personal account into swissblock business account or setup the account from the start. In this article we are going to tell you the ways to open your swissblock business account through swissblock app.

Starting a business needs research as well as easy payment options. If you have decided to open a business and struggling with banking option to select , you are at right place. Bank that really works is a bank that really cares about your business. With swissblock business account you get easy, fast payment options and clear view of your money in all currencies. Tracking is easy with swissblock because our 24/7 customer support is here to give you insight and solve your issues timely.

According to report by business standard, almost 4.5 million UK families are under financial stress and to overcome this there should be some measures that can help them in reducing the financial problems. One of major thing to do is to provide them with a platform that can manage and analyze their expenses so they can send, spend and track easily. That is where swissblock stands out and we are striving to provide them easy banking platform. Below is the way to open swissblock business account and make your way towards limitless banking.

Setting up swissblock business account

Got a personal account and want to switch? You can easily do that by clicking on “switch to business” feature. We just need a bit documents for verification and after that you are good to start your business payments from business account. 

What documents you need to submit ?

Verifications are essential.  To provide users, a safe system and to eradicate scams/ corruption from the world, we do keen verification of our every worthy customer. Having a proof of business address, the company number, name of the company is the major things which we need to convert your previous account into business.

What if I don’t have personal account with swissblock?

Don’t worry, its so easy to create one, All  you need is a verified ID, a driving license or a passport .By this way you don’t need to pause your application to get these things and we will be able to verify you in a matter of minutes.

Ready to apply for swissblock business account?

You can apply from your personal account if you have that for your personal finance management. Tap on your profile on the top of the screen and select the “ convert to business account ”  then you need to tap on the apply button and fill the details .

You need the email and phone number that you had put in your personal account. We don’t take it personally if you don’t have personal account. Its very easy to setup in just few clicks. Download the swissblock app from play store or apple store and start setting up your personal account. We always ask about what type of account you need to setup.

Verification and security measures

Once you are done with setting up account – we will start verifying your account through our latest and fast systems. We may also reach out to you if we need any further information and details about your business. Converting personal account into business account takes less time while setting up business account all the way from start will take some more hours . But as mentioned before ,our help and support section is active 24/7 to help you.

If you are approved, we will let you know and after this you will be able to manage your business easily with smart remittances plans and much more .

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