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2 simple ways to open swissblock business account with your smartphone.

Swissblock business account offers you great ways to manage your business payments and remittances. Now opening your business account can be done through 2 ways. Either you convert the personal account into swissblock business account or setup the account from the start. In this article we are going to tell you the ways to open your swissblock business account through swissblock app.

Starting a business needs research as well as easy payment options. If you have decided to open a business and struggling with banking option to select , you are at right place. Bank that really works is a bank that really cares about your business. With swissblock business account you get easy, fast payment options and clear view of your money in all currencies. Tracking is easy with swissblock because our 24/7 customer support is here to give you insight and solve your issues timely.

According to report by business standard, almost 4.5 million UK families are under financial stress and to overcome this there should be some measures that can help them in reducing the financial problems. One of major thing to do is to provide them with a platform that can manage and analyze their expenses so they can send, spend and track easily. That is where swissblock stands out and we are striving to provide them easy banking platform. Below is the way to open swissblock business account and make your way towards limitless banking.

Setting up swissblock business account

Got a personal account and want to switch? You can easily do that by clicking on “switch to business” feature. We just need a bit documents for verification and after that you are good to start your business payments from business account. 

What documents you need to submit ?

Verifications are essential.  To provide users, a safe system and to eradicate scams/ corruption from the world, we do keen verification of our every worthy customer. Having a proof of business address, the company number, name of the company is the major things which we need to convert your previous account into business.

What if I don’t have personal account with swissblock?

Don’t worry, its so easy to create one, All  you need is a verified ID, a driving license or a passport .By this way you don’t need to pause your application to get these things and we will be able to verify you in a matter of minutes.

Ready to apply for swissblock business account?

You can apply from your personal account if you have that for your personal finance management. Tap on your profile on the top of the screen and select the “ convert to business account ”  then you need to tap on the apply button and fill the details .

You need the email and phone number that you had put in your personal account. We don’t take it personally if you don’t have personal account. Its very easy to setup in just few clicks. Download the swissblock app from play store or apple store and start setting up your personal account. We always ask about what type of account you need to setup.

Verification and security measures

Once you are done with setting up account – we will start verifying your account through our latest and fast systems. We may also reach out to you if we need any further information and details about your business. Converting personal account into business account takes less time while setting up business account all the way from start will take some more hours . But as mentioned before ,our help and support section is active 24/7 to help you.

If you are approved, we will let you know and after this you will be able to manage your business easily with smart remittances plans and much more .

How to save money and reduce financial stress with swissblock

“How to save money” is a question being asked by almost all working class people of all ages. Everyone loves to have money because this is what you can use to help ease financial stress. Talking about having money ? Seems a bit awkward . And figuring out how to manage it? Worse. Even you are a student , a graduate from university looking for a job , junior worker at some place or skill-full member of any company, money management will always be a point of stress for all.

How to make this management painless ? 

Through proper handling and tracking of funds . Now the question arises who is going to help in all ? The answer is simple. Its Swissblock app which will ease your money management hardships and we are going to tell you that how to save money and make your way to financial freedom. Also its not only about money management, its also about saving some bucks on your way of financial management . So with swissblock you earn well and you manage well. Are you ready to dive in the answer of how to save money? Lets go then .

“Save money for a rainy day”

Its a common saying that everyone has been listening from the time he starts earning. The one who saves for hard times can easily cope with problems. Setting money aside each month is no doubt the best way to save money but it also add stress for  struggle to save pennies. Here is the trick to save money by setting up a budget.

The best way is to specify a budget . Simply exclude your bills from your fun money and put that amount in swissblock app and keep a track on it . There is no need to apply fancy formulas and creative spreadsheets for that. You will also notify you when you are going a bit off track. This way can help you to save. Also one thing that saved money is for hard times and it’s completely okay if you skip one month.  Swissblock makes budgeting and spending so easy by providing the feature of creating suitable categories to label your bills and fun money separately along with savings.

How to save money If I am not able to do it right now?

Don’t worry if you are unable to save and living from paycheck to pay check. Swissblock is here to make you able to excel your money management skills. Here are some tips for you 

  • Even if you are not saving right now , keep some money for planned expenses separately 
  • Link all your bank account to swissblock to see what is happening to your accounts.

Compare your analytics of past month with present month to get a clear view of your savings performance.

How to save money in swissblock account

Well, we are giving you the best possible way to save money in your savings account. Its obvious that either you put money under your bed or in a savings account, it is the best way to deal with financial problems and sudden uncalled bills. Swissblock savings account helps you by putting a mark line between your assets ( the money you have ) and liabilities ( bills). We are here to calculate and analyze it for you. Your recent statements and comparison of your earnings and spending’s are all available in insight section of your swissblock account.

Invest and save

The money you saved and you consider that to use it after long time can be invested via swissblock app in stocks and crypto. Swissblock in app crypto exchange provides all crypto and stocks trading which also solves the problem and major question of people that how to save money.

Savings account – swissblock

As per the data taken from nimblefins, 450£ is the amount that an average household save each month. Now the question arises that what can be done in this amount ? This can easily be wasted if not properly managed and that is where swissblock helps to make you able to save your savings in swissblock savings account. We hope that you got the idea by now on how to save money with swissblock.

We are managing to provide you the ways to save money and grow your funds with swissblock. Our support system is 24/7 online to get you queries solved. Further we are coming up with exciting July updates soon.

Bank accounts you need to excel funds management?

Your money needs a good balance between earning and spending. Dividing funds will help in this case. So it means that you need to split up your money in different bank accounts in order to maintain this balance ? Yes . It is obvious that you need to label every fund which you keep in your account . So splitting up your funds into money is a good idea. The money for paying bills, money for lavish parties, money for business, money for emergencies and the money you spend on self care need to be separated before spending.

Its a saying that ” the earlier, the better”. So making multiple accounts to fulfill your financial needs as soon as possible is need of hour. Many people are still using one bank account for all activities .This may leads to a simple management but that is not how money grows.

Bank accounts and financial controls

Having 1 bank account gives you a feel that you really have a lot of money because its not split. But all that money has already a job to do, like paying your bills, your car’s gas , house rents, your food expenses  and a lot more . Just like you , your money needs a good balance between spending’s and savings.

You are ultimately at loss if you are not saving  much for the future , hard times and for investment. It means its now time to split up your money into various streams . More ever crypto to fiat conversions in swissblock bank accounts with best rates also give you ease of digital and fiat money spending without any worry. Below are some main streams for your money.

Money for bills :

 These are fixed expenses and you must label that money in-order to get a better view of money management and an idea that how much you can save this month . Simply calculate that how much this will cost you in a year and than put the 12th portion of that calculation in your swissblock bills sub-account. After this you don’t need to be worried of every month’s bills and fixed spending’s.

Money for your expenses :

This money can be for your fun and parties. A healthy picnic or a beach party. Don’t worry, Swissblock covers every merchant and almost everywhere you party. So simple sign up is needed to allocate these funds in separate account. Stress free spending is really cool and gives you so much self confidence, so this account is for your motivation that you can also spend peacefully without being worried about other money because that is resting in their niche specific account.

For your emergency funds :

You know what’s the best way to stay out of debts?  Keeping money aside as emergency fund. This is the money you can save to pay for an unexpected bill, emergency travel, urgent meetings and paying when sudden disaster strikes. So having multiple bank accounts for complete coverage of your needs is necessary for good financial management.

It is presumed that more number of bank accounts lead to restrictions and taxes but swissblock’s one prescription is more than enough to cover up your all needs.

Money for long term goals

Time flies, so you need to catch up with it . Save money for your dream car, dream house in LA  or savings to invest after retirement by putting minimum efforts of keeping some bucks aside for that mission. If you are working on multiple goals, keep a track on them too . Swissblock is offering you to track all money in simple clicks. One account among multiple bank accounts reserved for money destined to be used for long term goals also gives another boost to the funds as swissblock’s security and reliability keep your funds safe and secure.

Having a single bank account looks more cool and logical for keeping a track on finances but it ends up costing you more in the end. Multiple bank accounts is no doubt a good way to grow and invest funds through less risky means. Swissblock money labelling and sub accounts for multiple currencies allow you to do all this in one go under one bank. Just make sure your money gets the motivation to do its job in best way.

Access to financial literacy for all – swissblock banking venture for financial education.

Financial literacy is what we have been focusing from the start at swissblock. We believe that Our users can excel more in trading and banking if they have full knowledge of what is happening in financial world. From this financial literacy,  one can be able to take any financial decision at any point of life while making investment.

But this awareness cannot be done alone. We are playing our part by ensuring that our users are not paying any fees on crypto buying and selling . Still Many people are unaware of basic personal financial management techniques because either they have no proper platform to practise or lack of basic skills required to make financial decisions. Some part is also played by traditional banking which dont let you explore more features that keep the whole financial world just few taps away on your mobile phone screen.

Financial literacy and swissblock venture

To spread more awareness swissblock wants to recall its part in spreading financial literacy. Here are few highlights of our progress made in recent years.

In-app financial management tips and course to learn.

Our in-app features financial education awareness and swissblock academy section of our web contains all important education courses required to excel in financial field and to understand basic personal banking. Still struggling with your bills because of mismanagement? Learn it from swissblock and keep in-app track of all your funds and payments.

We have also added learn modules in our app placed on the dashboard making it easier for the users to navigate directly to the learn section and get inspiration from our educational block. The main benefit that users are getting from swissblock learn/ academy feature is that it saves time for additional research on search engines. That is why we call swissblock an All rounder app. We also expanded it to cryptocurrency basics, ETF’s and hot token analysis in swissblock analysis section.

We also know that many users are also just getting started so give them an inspiring view of banking and crypto trading, we have also introduced basic trading psychology topics to keep users away from FOMO and RISK. For your information, cryptocurrency trading is always linked with risk and proper risk management is also necessary. That is why financial literacy is preferred before investing.

Financial Literacy content for the public.

We are also planning to roll out our snacks newsletter for public guidance and awareness of banking and trading. On our YouTube channel we also did launch a course that adds up to your financial skills and in-app usage. Licensed professional wrote and published the newsletters that is applicable to the traders and those struggling with personal banking of all levels thus adding to the financial literacy.

Crypto charts interpretation and regular updates about market

We are not just a regular cryptocurrency exchange offering trading platform. We also know that in this volatile market, one needs a proper understanding of basics to execute timely trades. To ensure this, swissblock academy and analysis section is playing a huge role in shaping traders by publishing regular micro and macro level analysis of crypto and stocks market.

Understanding of charting patterns are made easy by our podcasts and regular expert sessions for users to understand the market movements. Trading on spot, futures and stocks market on swissblock crypto exchange is now more easy and secure and we are continuously striving to make users more literate and sharp in trading. Users also get benefit through swissblock weekly blog of plan of action that is useful for every trader at any stage.

We will continue to find new ways to empower our users to take right steps towards the financial ease and freedom.  We are committed to provide financial education round the clock to our users. 

Hot days and sunny weather wont stop us. Here’s the June updates of swissblock, best crypto bank

Best crypto banks bring back the actual use case of bitcoin when it was developed. Later its use cases were diversified and now its been used as an asset and also as a payment method in some regions. Swissblock, the best crypto bank contains fintech (fiat) and crypto banking in same app which has rejoiced the actual purpose of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin.

The weather is hot and we are moving closer to the more sunny days and its that time of year when everyone enjoys on beach, parties and a lot of fun. This all can be done and more enjoyable when you have the right payment method and gateway with you. So all you need is best crypto bank.

We have also noticed that cards also add up to your personality in many ways. Your wallet shines differently when you pull your  swissblock personalized card out from it. But the major concern is that whether that card will be acceptable at any party, club or cafe? Absolutely yes. In our june updates, many payment methods and ways are added.  We are delighted to inform you about the addition of new features.

Usually things get hot in summers, so do our banking features. We are not slowing down, rather we are gearing up for further amazing features addition in swissblock card. We have been hard at work making your finance management easy and handy. 

Add money easily- Best crypto bank for a reason

Now you can also add money directly by clicking the widget icon on your home screen. Tap section and explore a lot  of options to add your amount in swissblock bank. Also exchange crypto-fiat easily in just few right swipes through swissblock, the best crypto bank.

Easy and searchable features

Are you trying to do a lot of things simultaneously? Getting stressed by manually finding the required feature? Now you don’t need to worry as we have launched the search feature too for easy searching. Just tap the search bar and look for the service you want to use. These amazing features makes swissblock the best crypto bank.

Hot coins ? Need analytics?

Are you planning to invest in crypto? Want to add crypto in your bank through fiat exchange? Our latest technology offers low rate exchange fiat- crypto with easy and fee-less buying of any crypto of your choice in just simple clicks. And the amazing thing is that we still are not charging anything from you on buying and selling crypto. Don’t forget that investments are risky but life changing too.

Get the analysis about the token you are planning to buy from swissblock analysis section for easy understanding of charts and Fundamentals of that coin.

View statements on desktop.

Our latest web feature allows you now to see your statements from desktop either it be crypto or fiat. Transparency is what creates trust between user and swissblock and we are maintaining it with full zeal and zest.

Explore your allowances  and limits with limitless banking

Hopefully, you already have made the plan to go on a picnic or on a travel trip. This requires to have a look at allowances and limits. Be sure, your traditional bank is showing you upcoming debits and present allowances in your app. If its not there, shift to swissblock where we give you each and every detail of your bills and bucks. 

That’s June which we just wrapped up!

We know that summers are hot but we will not let the summers to stop us from serving you with best banking and payment features. We are continuously striving to get best crypto bank features for you. Check in the this month updates to get idea of what amazing thing you are using and keeping in your mobile phone.

Are Digital trades inevitable? Swissblock bank and e-commerce revolution.

Swissblock bank and digital trades work side by side in empowering the businesses in terms of finance management. Digital trades have been increased to great extent in past 2 years. Now from e-commerce a person easily sells his services and products all over the world. The main issue here is channelization of funds and we all know that traditional banking will not be able to cope with this.

Swissblock bank and ecommerce

E-commerce has changed the economy globally and created an easiness between buyer and seller. Proper management of money through a secure tunnel and easy payment gateways is what makes an e-commerce platform unique. Further fin tech banking has changed the whole perspective by introducing virtual cards and it has cut down the wait for card arrival. Swissblock has also come up with several plans to empower the e-commerce so the global economy can be sustainable.

Digital trades and swissblock 

Digital trades are increasing efficiency and productivity of the people with cost effectiveness. New skillsets in the market have empowered the youth in financial way. Everyone is now looking for best way to channelize the money and swissblock is one of the best means to do that. Our banking system let you send , spend and track your money easily.

Pay for your coffee or for air travel in just few taps on swissblock app. Further swissblock app is also providing apple pay and google pay feature so our young generation can have all in one platform for money management and payments.

Digital trades are creating a new variety of entrepreneurs and now the micro and macro businesses are no longer restricted locally or domestically. Similarly if the payments will be halted worldwide in global business, then it will be worrisome and pathetic for the business and employees. Are you going through that? Does your bank not giving you value for money and easy currency exchanges? 

Don’t worry, Your financial management is just one step away now with swissblock bank. Enjoy limitless banking using fiat and crypto with good conversion rates. Our multi currency account (EUR GBP USD) is now changing the way of international banking for most of people. Our infrastructure are inspiring and tons of businesses are attached with us. We are still on the mission to make money transfers easy across the borders and to revolutionize the financial industry.

International banking needs to be fixed.

 Sending and receiving money across the borders is not easy due to the old international banking system. Delay in transfers, up to 40 days of wait to get money, holding periods and all is what makes money more difficult and people consider a nightmare to send and receive money. Swissblock makes money for US UK AND EU borderless and easy to transfer.  Multi currency debit cards are also creating ease to spend money anywhere online with safe and reliable AML features.

We are humbled that many of you rely on us for financial services and we are striving hard to make customer care and support availability 24/7 across the globe. We cant wait to bring the next 50million users on board as we  continue to serve with new, fair and low fee systems for user ease.


How to start investing in crypto with Swissblock. 3 quick ways explained.

Investing in crypto is like nightmare for many people due to high fees and trading issues. Probably they haven’t find any good way to start investing in crypto. Swissblock has come up with swift and secure feature of investing in crypto and other stocks assets. Zero trading fees, Fast and secure system of buying and selling, High leverage feature for experienced traders is what makes swissblock unique and fastest growing crypto banking and exchange in fin tech and crypto industry.

Its now time to stop over thinking an start investing in crypto currency. Here are steps to start buying crypto currency with swissblock. If you want to own your first crypto currency and afraid of the taxes than you are on right platform. Swissblock provides you with stress free ways to buy crypto currency and investing in stocks. Swissblock take you by the hand and settle things once and for all. Here are three ways to start investing in crypto currency with swissblock.


Here is the secret information that all the well known and cunning professionals don’t want you to know about crypto buying : You don’t need to pass any exam or need any certain qualification to buy crypto. You don’t need to look like tech savvy .You don’t even need to leave your house and go to bank to buy. But as we know that first step is always the hardest so to eradicate this saying, we have made it easy for you to buy bitcoin or ethereum through swissblock. You can start with as little as you want.

All you have to do is to click on the swissblock app and in just few clicks you will become owner of your first crypto currency ,either it be bitcoin ,ethereum or a whole lot of shiba. If you are still unable to decide about the crypto that you should buy than have a look at our biweekly crypto currency analysis in swissblock analysis section. We are even here to tell you the crypto you should buy to get good profits.

Earn interest, use spot and futures trading feature

If you have done with buying of crypto than you need to find ways to grow your crypto currency. Compound interest is also good feature which means that the interest that you earn, get reinvested and earns interest itself. Also the spot and futures feature for trading without any trading fee is also what we offering to our users to grow their crypto. This is undoubtedly the best factor to grow your crypto currency and to get start with investing in crypto.

The money in your bank will get less worthy with time and inflation and this is where crypto interest steps in to save your money. Swissblock is also offering you spot, futures, options, stocks ,volatility and leverage tokens trading feature to grow your investment.

Save your money with crypto

Many people are worried about finding the right time to invest their money in stocks and they do not want their time to be spend on managing their investments. That is why swissblock has come up with savings plan to save your time and investing oppurtuinties.

Here is the best thing about our savings plan: Our all system is automated and the user don’t need to spend much time on managing the investments. With swissblock banking and exchange ,you can take away the stress of managing and tracking your spending. Business payments in seconds and futuristic approach towards KYC using modern approach is what makes swissblock, the most growing banking app in US ,UK and EU.

Want to know about our cards? Check details about wonderful swissblock personalized cards here.

Swissblock pro features.3 ways to protect your savings using bitcoin.

Swissblock pro offers you the best trading and money saving platform with amazing debit cards. It is a fact now that your money doesn’t grow in traditional banks due to substandard rates and high fees. This is the reason that investors and other tech savvy  people are moving towards bitcoin to save and grow their savings account.

Here are some facts about money saving techniques by swissblock pro and traditional banks offering

If your money is just sitting in traditional banking account than probably you are loosing more instead of gaining.

We all had lectures from our friends or old relatives that how they managed to get 2 houses, brand new car by just age of 30 .But in this era of extreme financial revolutions , its been possible to get all this just by switching your bank from traditional to modern fin tech solutions as provided by swissblock.

swissblock pro vs. traditional bank

The good news is that even traditional banks are not much helping but you can use crypto currency easily from swissblock. We still don’t charge anything for crypto buying and selling. Grow your wealth with swissblock banking. By Swissblock pro our business users also get the perks of getting overview of spending insights and payment tracking.

Inflation and its effect – swissblock still managed to cope with this situation

Best user experience is main striving point of swissblock and our teams are working day and night to make this possible.

In inflation a currency looses its purchasing tendency so it means that technically even if the money is sitting in your bank its getting depleted. The more its stays there, the more it deprives.

Fiat is used by most countries to run finances and operations by the state. This is issues by the government and its worth is till the government stays in power . If the government or country falls, your fiat savings are worthless.

Governments are free to print as many bucks and currency noted as they want to. Every new note decreases the worth of the one that already exist.

How swissblock helps to avoid inflation.

Swissblock offers your crypto savings away from inflation. People get fed up with inflation and their banks that are messing up with the economy. Bitcoin has the ability to defend inflation and inflation has no effect on crypto directly. There are 21million bitcoins and this is what we call hard cap. While fiat currency can be created by central banks and government, a new bitcoin can be mined until hard cap is reached. New technologies like bitcoin have led to the formation of a total new concept of banking to abate inflation and with swissblock you can avoid inflation by keeping your funds in crypto. There is no better way to improve your finances and grow your savings in this era.

Become a better investor and track your spending by swissblock pro in just simple clicks.

Money management and spending insights in swissblock app

Money management by traditional banks are boring and not up to the mark .According to a survey, people are mostly stressed about money and its management. Its been highest among business people and teenagers. We have also heard about the money management problems that people face when they were clinging to their old banks. One major thing that come up is the time problem and expense management while managing multiple accounts.

Money management and expert reviews

Now we are moving one step towards betterment and solution of this problem offered by swissblock bank. You must be seeing the personalized swissblock card on your screen and now you can link your all accounts with that card either its GBP or EUR. Lets have a quick review about how money management works in swissblock

Swissblock spending insights

Your spending insight’s, balance , recent transactions as well as other useful information will be at your fingertips. A major benefit is that  you will also be able to move your funds with just one click on screen.
Track your balance and transactions with clarity in money management.
 The one obvious thing now is that clarity is  key to make financial decisions making it easier to manage budget and set aside money for bills. Swissblock bank after the recent update makes it central hub for all your transactions and business payments. Keeping track of your spending by graphs and other insights is also now possible with swissblock updated app.

Linking accounts to your card

Now there is no more jumping between banking apps as swissblock covers your all financial needs. Swipe your debit and credit card to see your balance and recent transactions along with account details. See your balances across all your sub-accounts without any need to do the math as we will do that for you and tell your total net cash.

We are really excited to get  connected account feature in your hands
After diligent efforts of many months it has been possible to make subaccounts and other linked accounts with your swissblock card. You can check further about linked accounts and personalized cards in your “community discussion thread” where we encourage you to contribute to the cause. Ask questions, get directions and we welcome feedback too. We assure that by swissblock money management is going to be an interesting thing. Our insights are really cool. You can say that revolutionizing the fin tech industry with blockchain induced features is worth using thing.

Virtual cards, swissblock explained

Running business requires a lot of efforts and time and its not an easy task to keep record of the money and spending and that’s where swissblock is going to help you. These are speedy and secure cards with sustainable feature as they are issued digitally by the system. This means there is no plastic waste and no direct contact with the environment. Also no harmful distribution cycles makes it unique. Swissblock also offers various perks to pro customers which will be discussed later in detail. You can also personalize these cards by choosing name and colors.

Future developments in swissblock app

There is still a long way ahead of us in banking and our Research and development team also incubated best money management plans to make swissblock the best bank for all your needs. Swissblock fee less crypto exchange also makes it easy to buy crypto of your own choice without giving any fee to exchange. Users can trade spot, futures, options with leverage trades also without paying anything A new merge of blockchain and banking is doing wonders and always striving hard to serve better than others. Stay tuned for further updates.
Swissblock- a safe block for your future assets

Swissblock banking vs. traditional banking. Breakups with your banking explained .

Swissblock banking offers you fast and secure investment portfolios and fiat crypto conversion. Colors are white and blue, its time to realize that your bank is not good enough for you 

Most of the time we stay in bad relationships because its hard to leave habit and infatuation wont let us do this. Well today after reading this we are going to put a full stop on this thing. Its the time to breakup with your bank.

You are not at fault, they probably not offering you all.

Banks are irritating you just because you always get stuck at some weird point and don’t know how to proceed? Even the long period of using traditional banking has made you feel nothing ? Because  its normal for you if bank takes time in operations and salary deposits. This doesn’t even surprise you because this is what has been done from past 100 years.

 The main issues including  limits, restrictions, long operations, System issues every now and than and alot more are not worth entertaining in this era.

Deep down your bank knows that they need to change but they cant due to long revolutionary integrations of modernism.

So here is the what you can do to get out of this bad relationship with your bank. Don’t date an old guy if you want life changing experience.

Fake and undeliverable promises?

Bad relationships wont work because when you try to move on and tell them that you are fed up and want to move on they come up with fake promises that they will

Keep their word now and make everything upto the mark .Same is with your banking they lure you in fake commitments.They say that your savings account with high rate will help you in buying your dream land you’ve been dreaming off.But that rate less than 0.02% isnt that much. Does it feel so ?

Swissblock banking which loves you for your genuine needs.

If you have broken up with your bank and searching for a new refreshing thing, swissblock has come up with a unique system of managing your funds.

Here are couple of reasons to mark tick for swissblock banking

We are not afraid of commitments and promises as we know what we are offering. If you want to do something outstanding with your finances, we are just a sign up away from you.

And we appreciate the beauty and looks. Does it matter in banking and boring finances? Yes, to lighten up best experience swissblock banking has been rolling our personalized cards to cherish your new relation with swissblock.

swissblock banking

If your traditional bank is still

Holding you for fake promises, its time to come up and change your bank. Swissblock motivates you to spend, earn and invest to make it a safe block for your crypto and fiat assets.

Click the swissblock banking to ask more about us .

Swissblock-A safe block for your future assets