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Secure, diverse and stable ecosystem

We created the multifunctional,blockchain backed structure which meets the requirements set by the IT surveillance and safety structure ensuring steady operations of our systems. The front and back-end designs, combined with our multi-node and multifunctional distributed deployment, scales out our capacity and thus providing better service for our customer


Download and enjoy Swissblock mobile APP specially tailored for you, enjoy real-time transactions anytime, anywhere, together with the latest market trends right in the palm of your hands. Trade with high efficacy and reliability with swissblock using phenomenal trading features and latest techniques. Trade crypto and stocks with zero fees and instant operations.

World’s first blockchain bank

Swissblock empowers its users to invest , trade and keep digital currency with complete trust in exchange and banking wallets. Provision of debit cards allows flexibility in paying through crypto and new opportunities beyond the traditional banking system. It also facilitates banking-as-a-service solutions for crypto users.