Bank accounts you need to excel funds management?

Bank accounts you need to excel funds management?

Your money needs a good balance between earning and spending. Dividing funds will help in this case. So it means that you need to split up your money in different bank accounts in order to maintain this balance ? Yes . It is obvious that you need to label every fund which you keep in your account . So splitting up your funds into money is a good idea. The money for paying bills, money for lavish parties, money for business, money for emergencies and the money you spend on self care need to be separated before spending.

Its a saying that ” the earlier, the better”. So making multiple accounts to fulfill your financial needs as soon as possible is need of hour. Many people are still using one bank account for all activities .This may leads to a simple management but that is not how money grows.

Bank accounts and financial controls

Having 1 bank account gives you a feel that you really have a lot of money because its not split. But all that money has already a job to do, like paying your bills, your car’s gas , house rents, your food expenses  and a lot more . Just like you , your money needs a good balance between spending’s and savings.

You are ultimately at loss if you are not saving  much for the future , hard times and for investment. It means its now time to split up your money into various streams . More ever crypto to fiat conversions in swissblock bank accounts with best rates also give you ease of digital and fiat money spending without any worry. Below are some main streams for your money.

Money for bills :

 These are fixed expenses and you must label that money in-order to get a better view of money management and an idea that how much you can save this month . Simply calculate that how much this will cost you in a year and than put the 12th portion of that calculation in your swissblock bills sub-account. After this you don’t need to be worried of every month’s bills and fixed spending’s.

Money for your expenses :

This money can be for your fun and parties. A healthy picnic or a beach party. Don’t worry, Swissblock covers every merchant and almost everywhere you party. So simple sign up is needed to allocate these funds in separate account. Stress free spending is really cool and gives you so much self confidence, so this account is for your motivation that you can also spend peacefully without being worried about other money because that is resting in their niche specific account.

For your emergency funds :

You know what’s the best way to stay out of debts?  Keeping money aside as emergency fund. This is the money you can save to pay for an unexpected bill, emergency travel, urgent meetings and paying when sudden disaster strikes. So having multiple bank accounts for complete coverage of your needs is necessary for good financial management.

It is presumed that more number of bank accounts lead to restrictions and taxes but swissblock’s one prescription is more than enough to cover up your all needs.

Money for long term goals

Time flies, so you need to catch up with it . Save money for your dream car, dream house in LA  or savings to invest after retirement by putting minimum efforts of keeping some bucks aside for that mission. If you are working on multiple goals, keep a track on them too . Swissblock is offering you to track all money in simple clicks. One account among multiple bank accounts reserved for money destined to be used for long term goals also gives another boost to the funds as swissblock’s security and reliability keep your funds safe and secure.

Having a single bank account looks more cool and logical for keeping a track on finances but it ends up costing you more in the end. Multiple bank accounts is no doubt a good way to grow and invest funds through less risky means. Swissblock money labelling and sub accounts for multiple currencies allow you to do all this in one go under one bank. Just make sure your money gets the motivation to do its job in best way.

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