Hot days and sunny weather wont stop us. Here’s the June updates of swissblock, best crypto bank

Hot days and sunny weather wont stop us. Here’s the June updates of swissblock, best crypto bank

Best crypto banks bring back the actual use case of bitcoin when it was developed. Later its use cases were diversified and now its been used as an asset and also as a payment method in some regions. Swissblock, the best crypto bank contains fintech (fiat) and crypto banking in same app which has rejoiced the actual purpose of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin.

The weather is hot and we are moving closer to the more sunny days and its that time of year when everyone enjoys on beach, parties and a lot of fun. This all can be done and more enjoyable when you have the right payment method and gateway with you. So all you need is best crypto bank.

We have also noticed that cards also add up to your personality in many ways. Your wallet shines differently when you pull your  swissblock personalized card out from it. But the major concern is that whether that card will be acceptable at any party, club or cafe? Absolutely yes. In our june updates, many payment methods and ways are added.  We are delighted to inform you about the addition of new features.

Usually things get hot in summers, so do our banking features. We are not slowing down, rather we are gearing up for further amazing features addition in swissblock card. We have been hard at work making your finance management easy and handy. 

Add money easily- Best crypto bank for a reason

Now you can also add money directly by clicking the widget icon on your home screen. Tap section and explore a lot  of options to add your amount in swissblock bank. Also exchange crypto-fiat easily in just few right swipes through swissblock, the best crypto bank.

Easy and searchable features

Are you trying to do a lot of things simultaneously? Getting stressed by manually finding the required feature? Now you don’t need to worry as we have launched the search feature too for easy searching. Just tap the search bar and look for the service you want to use. These amazing features makes swissblock the best crypto bank.

Hot coins ? Need analytics?

Are you planning to invest in crypto? Want to add crypto in your bank through fiat exchange? Our latest technology offers low rate exchange fiat- crypto with easy and fee-less buying of any crypto of your choice in just simple clicks. And the amazing thing is that we still are not charging anything from you on buying and selling crypto. Don’t forget that investments are risky but life changing too.

Get the analysis about the token you are planning to buy from swissblock analysis section for easy understanding of charts and Fundamentals of that coin.

View statements on desktop.

Our latest web feature allows you now to see your statements from desktop either it be crypto or fiat. Transparency is what creates trust between user and swissblock and we are maintaining it with full zeal and zest.

Explore your allowances  and limits with limitless banking

Hopefully, you already have made the plan to go on a picnic or on a travel trip. This requires to have a look at allowances and limits. Be sure, your traditional bank is showing you upcoming debits and present allowances in your app. If its not there, shift to swissblock where we give you each and every detail of your bills and bucks. 

That’s June which we just wrapped up!

We know that summers are hot but we will not let the summers to stop us from serving you with best banking and payment features. We are continuously striving to get best crypto bank features for you. Check in the this month updates to get idea of what amazing thing you are using and keeping in your mobile phone.

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