Bitcoin above 30k again and gaming tokens recovery

Bitcoin above 30k again and gaming tokens recovery

Price action and dominance :

It seems that bitcoin has discovered the floor and jumps from that to go above 30000 usd.Crypto market on friday recovers from the extreme dump positions and is settled at $30300 at the publication time .

Yesterday Bitcoin dumped to $26,000 and bounced from there immediately. The weekly structure is still holding. The weekly candle close is very crucial and needs to close above the support level. A weekly candle close above $32,000 shows the strength of bulls and we see some recovery in the market. A candle close below $30,000 will put bears in control and we see sideways movement or downward movement in the coming weeks. You can watch all the updates regularly in updates section.

Talking about the bitcoin dominance it got rejected from 44.5–46.5 % levels of resistance.Due to this thing we are seeing greenery everywhere on the crypto portfolio interface of swissblock exchange.Now bitcoin dominance may touch the 42% levels to test it as a support.Breaking above the 44.5 levels will cause downfall in the alt coins.If bitcoin got stability in a range, then we are going to see 10–20% increment in the prices of tokens.

Gaming tokens recovery :

Several gaming tokens blew up today on friday as market got some pump.This fast recovery of GALA ,approximately 81% in the past 24 hours due to top buying of GALA by ethereum wallets.Meanwhile other metaverse and gaming tokens has also shown major recovery.Similarly APE coin also showed jumped 68 percent in past 24 hours.

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