Bitcoin price targets low as per weekly closing.

Bitcoin price targets low as per weekly closing.

6 weekly red candles of btc in a row !

Bitcoin has been maintaining its bearish behaviour following the price bracket of 29000 to 34000.BTC had seen a relatively stronger support at 36000 usd but due to low liquidity due to weekend causes break of this level.

Bitcoin keeps on dumping and reached out the next support zone around $34,200. Small pullbacks can happen but candles closing below $34,000 can lead in more dump in the market till $30,000, which is the major support area.This is the area where tight stoplosses are needed and swissblock has come up with reliable solution of putting the stoplosses alerts with high accuracy to let you in safe hands for a safe trade.

As 35.2k is broken now and this figure was vital for bitcoin to hold .There is a weekly close today, if there is a close below this figure, we will stay away from long transactions for a while.if a closing comes on it, this break will remain fake and we will continue where we left off.

Indicators usage and swissblock exchange:

Using trading indicators is part of any technical trader’s strategy. Paired with the right risk management tools, it could help you gain more insight into price trends .Swissblock crypto exchange indicators are well calibrated with market trends and helps in formulating a solid plan of action towards your trades.

Fundamentals and swissblock offering :

Understanding the fundamental is really important to you survive in the long run in any financial market.Now Bitcoin is supposed as a Tech Company. The root support valuation is from Mining industry / total Product Cost / electricity Cost/ Halving Well, the resistance is when the top hype spread everywhere after every new halving period with the highest revenue. Swissblock academy helps you in understanding the fundamentals of the market and the supposed next moves.You can easily access the fundamental blogs describing the current btc situation and major crypto events.

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