Business Development and Swissblock ecosystem


Business Development and Swissblock ecosystem

Swissblock is an ecosystem that includes a multifunctional, commissionless Cryptocurrency Exchange, a Crypto bank that offers fiat-like crypto services, and a multilingual free blockchain and crypto library to teach everything about cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a deeper dive to understand how the platform is undergoing a full-scale business development of its ecosystem.

Every day there are new crypto projects based on blockchain that are popping to the market. Unfortunately, not every project succeeds as not everyone can understand how it actually works, except the developers. Since developers are closer to the project as they’re developing everything but either they are unable to communicate it well to the rest of the core team or the team doesn’t fully understand the project. Such a situation is chaotic as there is, in the first case, misinformation included which misleads the end users. In the second case, there are half told truths that take away the credibility of the entire project. The impact is directly on the investors who don’t understand the functionality.

Swissblock Business Model:

There are several steps that define a start-up as a complete business model and Swissblock is endeavoring to go even beyond these boundaries of definitions. The very first step is, can a project’s functionality be defined in a sentence? Well, yes! the core functionality is to make crypto as accessible as fiat and more through a multifunctional exchange and a crypto bank.

The next step is if a project is able to handle the huge traffic when it hits the high scale market? The ecosystem includes three main blocks: Academy, Exchange, and a bank. The online academy is able to manage any amount of traffic on the website. Then comes the Cryptocurrency Exchange which with the help of distributed nodes can handle huge traffic and any volume of trade on its network. Even in the most volatile market situations, the platform offers seamless free trading services for all kinds of traders. Since there are no network congestions, no transactions are queued – thanks to our improved scalability.

Last but not the least, Crypto bank is offering services in Europe, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. The crypto bank has developed infrastructure to handle any number of users in these countries easily. Swissblock has gone multiple testing and open audits from Cyber firms to offer the investors the most secure and reliable platform.

Swissblock is deploying a marketing strategy that can bring tangible goals as every strategy is approved by the core team after passing several benchmarks set by the developers and marketing teams. Also, through a very rich library of blogs and guides, the Swissblock Academy is not only teaching thousands about blockchain and cryptocurrency topics but also making people learn about our ecosystem through multiple comprehensive blogs. This helps educate the Swissblock community so they can make informed decisions.

The final step considered to deem a project a complete business model is audience feedback. If people can confidently recommend the project to other people, you get free marketing and the most organic approach. Since the Swissblock ecosystem includes everything, a crypto enthusiast can ask for on a single platform and most of the services are free of cost with a factor of trust, the Swissblock community recommends our platform with all confidence.


Business Development and Swissblock ecosystem:

Swissblock undergoes multiple strategies that make the project one of the most successful and rapidly growing projects.

1.       Swissblock: A Real Tech Company

Swissblock is promoted as a real tech building company as we deploy the most advanced tactics to offer top-notch service in the most hostile environment. Organic and rapid growth is never guaranteed in the fast-paced world of blockchain unless you clearly define how your project makes a difference. Swissblock Exchange is the only exchange that offers free trading services across its environment and is the first crypto-based regularized bank.

2.       Strategic Consulting

Swissblock smartly combines the smartest minds to a team but if it gets stuck somewhere, it arrays a tactical-level approach to deal with the problem and come up with a solution together.

3.       Viability Scrutiny

Swissblock is already offering what it promises its community yet it keeps updating itself to keep flowing with the technological trends through viability scrutiny so it never leaves the market.

4.       Competitive Analysis

The cryptocurrency domain is the most competitive as one of the major players joins hands to conquer the throne. Swissblock follows the most transparent and critical competitive analysis of our team to not only survive in such an environment but stay in the competition and stay on the top.

Swissblock has matured its business model and developed an ecosystem that offers the end-users services they want and investors a thriving environment. Swissblock’s financial model largely depends on the crypto bank which fuels both Cryptocurrency exchange and the Swissblock Crypto Academy.  

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