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Everything you need to know about Swissblock

Swissblock is an ecosystem that includes a commission-free Cryptocurrency Exchange that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, a Crypto bank that offers fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat swaps, and fiat-like crypto banking services. Swissblock also includes a huge library of educational articles on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and news about finance-related topics. Let’s break down each sector one by one.

Swissblock Crypto Exchange

Swissblock becomes the only exchange that exclusively offers a multifunctional trading platform without charging any fees. Swissblock exchange believes in “Crypto for all” and huge fees and commission are the hindrances in its wide-scale adoption. This is the reason why Swissblock decided to offer all the exchange services free of cost – no hidden fees, no large spreads. That’s how crypto should be.


Swissblock Exchange offers live market updates with multiple trading tools to assist the crypto newbie as well as crypto experts. Swissblock supports Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading on its platform in 200+ countries.  The platform shows the portfolio distribution graphically so that users can interact and better understand the portfolio and make informed decisions. From profit and loss, assets distribution, and analytics – everything is available at a single click. Swissblock offers its signature simple yet advanced interface so you can excel in everything on your first visit.

The first step is to analyze the performance of each coin and token separately if you have already bought your crypto. Say if a coin is not performing well, you might want to replace it with other which has good volatility in your favorable direction. In this way, you’ll be able to optimize your trading strategies to maximize your profits. This boosts up your overall portfolio. The performance tab on the exchange shows you how you have been doing in recent days. You can download the report as a PDF or Excel sheet to further study your progress.

There are 5 types of orders to support the traders on the platform.

  1. Market Orders

  2. Limit Orders

  3. Stop Orders

  4. Recurring Buys

  5. Set Schedule

Market order means buying instantly at the current price. This is like swapping your fiat with Bitcoin at the current price. Limit orders mean you place an order at your desired price. Say if Bitcoin is trading at $30,500 but you want to buy it at $30,100, you will place a limit order and it will automatically buy Bitcoin for you if the price drops to $30,100 or below. Stop order means, you put a condition for an order to take place. For instance, there’s a resistance at $32,000 and you think the price cannot further go up. But if it does, you want your buy order to get canceled, then you can place a stop Order.

Recurring Buys is the frequent buy. This is done by the traders to achieve dollar-cost averaging. Set Schedule orders are custom orders where you can choose to automatically buy or sell at a specific time or price.

Swissblock supports multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, and Bank transfers. After adding a payment method, users will also be able to choose recurring buys at their custom schedule.

Swissblock Crypto bank:

Swissblock Bank is now fully operational with all its features in entire Europe, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Swissblock Crypto bank is offering debit and credit cards to all its users and will offer fiat like crypto services including the followings:

  • Buy on credit

  • The most accepted method of payment in multiple countries

  • Interest-free cash withdrawals

  • Unlimited reward points

  • Insurance coverage

  • Make travel easy

  • Discounts and cashback

  • Improve your credit score

  • Fiat-to-crypto & Crypto-to-fiat swaps


The banking services with cryptocurrencies are very secure but in case a user loses the card, he or she can freeze or replace it with a single click on the Swissblock platform. The card can be used to make an online purchase like from Amazon, pay for travel expenses, and even insurance. Swissblock payment app is the smartest tool that our Crypto bank users can benefit from.

Swissblock payment app offers you the convenience of managing your crypto portfolio through a very interactive user interface. The simple new design offers you to manage everything and make payments even when you’re offline as everything is linked to the ATM network. You can download the app from Play Store or Apple store for free.

Swissblock Academy and Blogs:

Swissblock Academy houses the largest library of up-to-date blogs on cryptocurrency and blockchain. The blogs focus on the topics like DeFi, Web 3, Popular Crypto coins, and News on Stocks, Crypto and Commodities. Crypto education is the first thing you need to understand before you enter the crypto world as a trader or an investor. Swissblock allows exclusive access to top-notch educational courses on cryptocurrencies and news for free so that our traders can make informed decisions.


Swissblock DeFi

Swissblock DeFi: Crypto Bank and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Swissblock DeFi (Decentralized Finance) includes a Crypto based Bank and a Cryptocurrency Exchange that leverages its services anywhere free of trading commissions. Swissblock Ecosystem has matured itself among different departments and sectors in a way that it attains sustainability and alignment to achieve tangible goals.

To understand decentralized finance or DeFi we first need to understand what is a Centralized Finance or CeFi. In centralized finance, your money is controlled by a third party like a bank or a corporation whose goal is to make money out of your deposits. The third parties facilitate the transactions of money between two-party and it cost both the parties both fees and time.

The mechanism of how Centralized Finance operates is pretty complex. For instance, you pay for your movie ticket using your credit card. The request first goes from the merchant charging amount to the bank network whose credit card you are using.

Swissblock DeFi

The network clears the charge and requests a payment from your bank. After the approval, the payment is moved from your bank to the merchant’s bank. Each party involved charges a fee for their services. Not only this whole chain of service slows the process but also costs you a large sum of fees.

That’s the process for a simple transaction, now imagine if you apply for a loan – it might take days to process the application and you might not need it by the time it approves.

Decentralized Finance offers the solution to both these problems it eliminates third-party involvement and reduces the transaction time. By removing the intermediaries and allowing people to conduct pair-to-pair transactions through blockchain, DeFi becomes one of the most anticipated emerging technology being used by Swissblock. Using security protocols, distributed ledger, and immutability, the blockchain transfers of funds becomes the most efficient and trusted method.

This technology allows you to lend, borrow, and trade assets on Swissblock from anywhere you have an active internet connection. Its decentralized nature of it allows you to have control over your funds and the immutability of blockchain acts as a guard against any attempt to temper the transaction history. Once a transaction is recorded on a blockchain, it becomes almost impossible to change it later.

The nature of this technology is decentralized as every transaction is verified by a group of people on the network through a consensus mechanism. This gives power to the community instead of giving it to a single entity to create a monopoly.

Decentralized Finance acts against the core models of classic centralized finance as anyone can use this technology and service regardless of their identity or geo-location. Swissblock DeFi is for everyone – be it a retail trader, a merchant, an investor, or a company.

Why Use Swissblock DeFi?

Swissblock envisions offering cryptocurrencies the ease of access and making people educated so they can make informed decisions. The goal is to make cryptocurrency as accessible as fiat. This stretches Swissblock services to create a more open, free, and fair financial market that is accessible to everyone. Swissblock DeFi is useful for the following services it provides.

  1. Open:

    Swissblock DeFi services are open to open to everyone. If you already have an account with KYC provided, you don’t need to apply to access the DeFi on Swissblock.

  2. Flexible:

    With Swissblock DeFi, you don’t need to apply and wait for days to get your request approved. Everything is available at your fingertip. No Fees, No long transfers, No permissions.

  3. Fast:

    All blockchain transfers are fast but none are free as on Swissblock Exchange. The crypto exchange offers you high scalability with no network congestions without any trading fees.

  4. Transparency:

    you can not view the transaction history of anyone even your brother unless he allows it. Well, that’s not the case with blockchain. All blockchain transfers are publicly available and anyone can check the transfers on blockchain explorers.

Swissblock DeFi: Crypto Bank

Swissblock Crypto Bank is a mesh of DeFi and CeFi as it offers all the freedom of decentralized finance with the security of centralized finance. Swissblock offers credit and debit cards and other banking services in the US, UK, and EU. The customers can also apply for a loan in the Swissblock Crypto bank.

Swissblock DeFi: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Swissblock Cryptocurrency Exchange also offers DeFi services on its platform. Users can lend and borrow on the platform from anywhere in the world with the smallest collateral. Swissblock exchange also offers all trading services on the multifunctional exchange for free.

Swissblock ecosystem is growing apace and the community around is growing insanely. Swissblock offers users the to track the fast-growing DeFi protocols and tokens listed on the platform. Using a weighted average of real-time prices, Swissblock calculates the growth of these assets so our customers can benefit from these at their maximum.

Swissblock Departments

The Sustainability across Swissblock Departments

Swissblock mainly includes 3 departments as a part of its ecosystem in this article we will discuss the sustainability across Swissblock departments: Swissblock Cryptocurrency Exchange, Swissblock Crypto Bank, and Swissblock Academy. All these departments function completely differently but they all share one thing in common which is blockchain technology.

Swissblock Departments:

The first and the major department which is the face of Swissblock is the multifunctional Cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading services for free to anywhere in the world. Swissblock is the only exchange that offers Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading in one place and is regulated in over 200+ countries. The platform offers 24/7 support and it is well regularized globally. Running a cryptocurrency exchange involves many sub-sectors to work with coordination.

Firstly, this project started in the hands of the strategic planning team and the developers. Then comes the security and audit teams and marketing team. When it comes to full functionality, the team encounters the local regulatory departments, and licensing becomes a challenge at certain locations. Funds management, hot and cold wallets managements, liquidity provision, security, help and support, marketing, developments, public relations, and p2p support are the main sectors that are required for just one department.

The Swissblock Crypto Bank is another larger department that functions as a traditional bank but more. Now that we acquired a Crypto license from the US, UK, and EU, and have built the infrastructure in these locations most of the sectors are closed and new have replaced them. Mobilizing funds, managing physical banking services, developing banking apps and keeping everything up to date, and offering credit and debit cards are the main responsibilities that are performed by different sectors in the department.

Last but not the least, the Swissblock Crypto Academy department also requires a diverse set of skills and experts to operate. Developers, publishers, and writers work together to run this department so that crypto enthusiasts could learn and make informed decisions.

How does Swissblock ensure Sustainability across Swissblock Departments?

In the early stages of an ecosystem, there is not much coherence required unless you aim for developing the core business department. If a company envisions rising as a business model it is very necessary to bring sustainability as a must thing not an add-on otherwise the misalignment can cause the departments to shatter and fall apart. This sustainability is not all about corporate social responsibilities but includes core innovation, cost efficiency, competitive analysis, risk management, and marketing strategies.

To avoid the pitfalls and succeed at ensuring sustainability across different departments, it is very necessary to leverage the appropriate alignments. A perfectly aligned organization between different departments is less likely to derail. Swissblock practices the following approaches to grow as a sustained blockchain company.

Swissblock Departments


No department can survive if there’s an ecosystem relying on the core technology such as Swissblock depending on the blockchain technology. Integration of the departments by encouraging a shared value approach and inclusive environment can help achieve the goal. The strategic and planning team made sure that none of the Swissblock objectives should bet against the sustainability across the departments but found a soft spot to fit in the design.

Swissblock measures the integration of these departments through the custom build KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and quality assurance benchmarks. In this way, the integration makes sustainability a part of our go-to plan to keep everything aligned and act against the exposures to divergences.

Coordination among Swissblock Departments:

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link”, Swissblock departments are well-coordinated between different sectors as they engage the company’s internal stakeholders and makes the decision through a uniquely devised consensus mechanism. All this is done by our department of Coordination and external affairs department that deals with everything at a company’s level. When it comes to decisions making the experts from each department join hands to directly include the strategy leads and policymakers define the company’s positions to come up with a sustained solution without misaligning any department.

Policy alignment:

The economic model of the Swissblock departments is not as simple as other similar companies. The fact that one of the major departments will offer its services as a cryptocurrency exchange for free makes policymaking more complex economically. The exchange feeds on the funds that come from the Swissblock bank as the Swissblock academy also doesn’t generate any revenues. Swissblock departments had to undergo strict viability tests to make sure that initiatives are viable internally and externally after everything is scaled to its full functionality.

Swissblock departments are deploying a sustainable strategy that can bring tangible goals as every strategy is approved by the core team after passing several benchmarks set by the core team. Swissblock has matured its business model and developed an ecosystem that offers the end-users services they want and investors a thriving environment. Swissblock’s financial model largely depends on the crypto bank which fuels both Cryptocurrency exchange and the Swissblock Crypto Academy. Swissblock as Swissblock Departments envisions conquering the throne as a crypto bank and as a Cryptocurrency blockchain together and this is only possible when we bring every department to play its role smartly and aid the whole ecosystem.



Business Development and Swissblock ecosystem

Swissblock is an ecosystem that includes a multifunctional, commissionless Cryptocurrency Exchange, a Crypto bank that offers fiat-like crypto services, and a multilingual free blockchain and crypto library to teach everything about cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a deeper dive to understand how the platform is undergoing a full-scale business development of its ecosystem.

Every day there are new crypto projects based on blockchain that are popping to the market. Unfortunately, not every project succeeds as not everyone can understand how it actually works, except the developers. Since developers are closer to the project as they’re developing everything but either they are unable to communicate it well to the rest of the core team or the team doesn’t fully understand the project. Such a situation is chaotic as there is, in the first case, misinformation included which misleads the end users. In the second case, there are half told truths that take away the credibility of the entire project. The impact is directly on the investors who don’t understand the functionality.

Swissblock Business Model:

There are several steps that define a start-up as a complete business model and Swissblock is endeavoring to go even beyond these boundaries of definitions. The very first step is, can a project’s functionality be defined in a sentence? Well, yes! the core functionality is to make crypto as accessible as fiat and more through a multifunctional exchange and a crypto bank.

The next step is if a project is able to handle the huge traffic when it hits the high scale market? The ecosystem includes three main blocks: Academy, Exchange, and a bank. The online academy is able to manage any amount of traffic on the website. Then comes the Cryptocurrency Exchange which with the help of distributed nodes can handle huge traffic and any volume of trade on its network. Even in the most volatile market situations, the platform offers seamless free trading services for all kinds of traders. Since there are no network congestions, no transactions are queued – thanks to our improved scalability.

Last but not the least, Crypto bank is offering services in Europe, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. The crypto bank has developed infrastructure to handle any number of users in these countries easily. Swissblock has gone multiple testing and open audits from Cyber firms to offer the investors the most secure and reliable platform.

Swissblock is deploying a marketing strategy that can bring tangible goals as every strategy is approved by the core team after passing several benchmarks set by the developers and marketing teams. Also, through a very rich library of blogs and guides, the Swissblock Academy is not only teaching thousands about blockchain and cryptocurrency topics but also making people learn about our ecosystem through multiple comprehensive blogs. This helps educate the Swissblock community so they can make informed decisions.

The final step considered to deem a project a complete business model is audience feedback. If people can confidently recommend the project to other people, you get free marketing and the most organic approach. Since the Swissblock ecosystem includes everything, a crypto enthusiast can ask for on a single platform and most of the services are free of cost with a factor of trust, the Swissblock community recommends our platform with all confidence.


Business Development and Swissblock ecosystem:

Swissblock undergoes multiple strategies that make the project one of the most successful and rapidly growing projects.

1.       Swissblock: A Real Tech Company

Swissblock is promoted as a real tech building company as we deploy the most advanced tactics to offer top-notch service in the most hostile environment. Organic and rapid growth is never guaranteed in the fast-paced world of blockchain unless you clearly define how your project makes a difference. Swissblock Exchange is the only exchange that offers free trading services across its environment and is the first crypto-based regularized bank.

2.       Strategic Consulting

Swissblock smartly combines the smartest minds to a team but if it gets stuck somewhere, it arrays a tactical-level approach to deal with the problem and come up with a solution together.

3.       Viability Scrutiny

Swissblock is already offering what it promises its community yet it keeps updating itself to keep flowing with the technological trends through viability scrutiny so it never leaves the market.

4.       Competitive Analysis

The cryptocurrency domain is the most competitive as one of the major players joins hands to conquer the throne. Swissblock follows the most transparent and critical competitive analysis of our team to not only survive in such an environment but stay in the competition and stay on the top.

Swissblock has matured its business model and developed an ecosystem that offers the end-users services they want and investors a thriving environment. Swissblock’s financial model largely depends on the crypto bank which fuels both Cryptocurrency exchange and the Swissblock Crypto Academy.  

Swissblock working of cryptocurrency exchange

How does fee-less Swissblock cryptocurrency exchange Work? Innovative features and 0% commission

Working of cryptocurrency exchange is a frequently searched term as people are more interested to learn everything about what’s going on at the backend of the exchanges they interact with. At the front end (with respect to the user interface) almost all the exchanges of the type are almost similar – but that’s not the case when it comes to how these exchanges operate.

After Bitcoin popped up there was no platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies until a year later. The only way to buy it was either pair-to-pair trading or mining it. One involved huge risk and the other was not feasible. In 2010 a portal similar to PayPal called Bitcoin market was created to offer Bitcoin buying and selling services using payment systems – the first cryptocurrency exchange. Just a year after, dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges were there for people to trade a wide range of cryptocurrency pairs with ease.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

There are mainly three types of cryptocurrency exchanges.

  1. CEX (Centralized Exchanges)
  2. DEX (Decentralized Exchanges)
  3. Hybrid Exchanges

Swissblock working of cryptocurrency exchange

To begin with, Centralized Exchanges are the most popular exchanges in the market as they have the largest number of users. Centralized Exchanges have almost full control over users’ funds. These are profit-oriented companies run by a single person or an organization. Users have to open an account with these exchanges. Since these are well-regularized platforms and follow the rules to operate, users go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process before making the exchange fully operational. Because these exchanges hold users’ funds, they become a very potential target for hackers to sneak in and steal the funds. Centralized Exchange undergoes rigorous security tests to act against these attempts and keep most of the funds in cold wallets (offline wallets).

Decentralized Exchanges are not owned by anyone but the users. The developers get their fair share from trading fees but these platforms don’t have any control over the traders’ assets. Users can interact with these exchanges by connecting their wallets like Trust Wallet or MetaMask.

Hybrid Exchanges are the contra-mix of the aforementioned exchanges and combine the features offered by both. several platforms offer the hybrid interface: a simple interface using DEX with fewer options to trade and advanced options to help experienced traders trade on CEX.

How do cryptocurrency Exchanges make money?

Cryptocurrency exchanges earn money in various ways, the first being the trading commission. Whenever you execute an order there’s a fee collected in the exchange for providing you these services. Swissblock Exchange, however, is the first and only cryptocurrency exchange that charges no fees from the users for any type of trading activity across the platform.

The other way typical cryptocurrency exchanges work is earning through the spread. Spread is the difference between the selling and buying price of an asset.

A listing fee is another way for the exchanges to earn. Whenever there’s a coin offered on an exchange, the exchange charges a hefty fee from the coin’s team. And if it requires a launchpad for an ICO, the fee charged increases even more. These coins get more exposure to new traders and it is shared by the exchange on different platforms for marketing purposes – it’s worth paying.

Swissblock: Working of a Cryptocurrency Exchange

DEXs work on the core principle of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. There are no control authorities and there are no regulations to control the process. These exchanges cannot be easily hacked or shut down by governments. Since users have more control over their assets and there’s more transparency, people who want to stay anonymous choose these platforms.

Working with CEX or Centralized exchanges is complex compared to DEXs. Trusted by big investors and institutions, these platforms have the highest trading volume and number of daily visitors. Centralized Exchanges have to abide by the regulatory trends and abide by the local and international laws to function. Since these platforms are offered by some organization or a person, governments and investors can hold that entity responsible if anything goes wrong. CEX or a centralized cryptocurrency exchange work like a traditional stock exchange. The governing company charges for the services of crypto-to-crypto swaps and fiat to crypto swaps and vice versa.

The Cryptocurrency exchanges function as a custodian to hold investors’ funds like a bank. All kind of trading takes place on the secure databases of the exchanges like Swissblock. Unlike DEXs, these exchanges don’t give traders private or public keys but login details to their accounts to access their funds.

Swissblock is one such Cryptocurrency exchange that leverages a multi-node approach to tackle the high traffic and improve the scalability for traders. The platform offers all kinds of trading including stocks free of cost. Combining accessibility, security, and speed, Swissblock is becoming one of the most loved crypto exchanges by crypto enthusiasts.  

Bitcoin above 30k again and gaming tokens recovery

Price action and dominance :

It seems that bitcoin has discovered the floor and jumps from that to go above 30000 usd.Crypto market on friday recovers from the extreme dump positions and is settled at $30300 at the publication time .

Yesterday Bitcoin dumped to $26,000 and bounced from there immediately. The weekly structure is still holding. The weekly candle close is very crucial and needs to close above the support level. A weekly candle close above $32,000 shows the strength of bulls and we see some recovery in the market. A candle close below $30,000 will put bears in control and we see sideways movement or downward movement in the coming weeks. You can watch all the updates regularly in updates section.

Talking about the bitcoin dominance it got rejected from 44.5–46.5 % levels of resistance.Due to this thing we are seeing greenery everywhere on the crypto portfolio interface of swissblock exchange.Now bitcoin dominance may touch the 42% levels to test it as a support.Breaking above the 44.5 levels will cause downfall in the alt coins.If bitcoin got stability in a range, then we are going to see 10–20% increment in the prices of tokens.

Gaming tokens recovery :

Several gaming tokens blew up today on friday as market got some pump.This fast recovery of GALA ,approximately 81% in the past 24 hours due to top buying of GALA by ethereum wallets.Meanwhile other metaverse and gaming tokens has also shown major recovery.Similarly APE coin also showed jumped 68 percent in past 24 hours.

For all new updates,stay tuned with updates section

Swissblock: Trade Crypto Spot, Futures, Margin, and Options on a single platform

Swissblock is a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange that offers a seamless trading experience with
tons of tools and options for the crypto novice and amateurs. Swissblock Crypto exchange is a global
trading platform that charges unconditionally Zero Fees on all trading activities.
The purpose of cryptocurrencies is to make payments painless, borderless, fast, and secure. Ease and
comfort of transfer are the core purposes of cryptocurrencies yet there was no exchange to buy Bitcoin
over a year after its launch. People could either mine Bitcoins or buy them through risky P2P methods.
In 2010, the first crypto exchange was launched which offered to buy Bitcoins with
fiat. Crypto exchanges hold the most lucrative, daunting, and risky assets, and these platforms are
rapidly maturing covering their vulnerabilities and adding more tools to assist the traders and intuitions
to bag more crypto with ease. This bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies keeps narrowing and
Swissblock is deploying full-scale exertions to provide a platform that offers more than any exchange in
the market.
Swissblock exchange believes in “Crypto for all” and huge fees and commission are the hindrances in its
wide-scale adoption. This is the reason why Swissblock decided to offer all the exchange services free of
cost – no hidden fees, no large spreads. The platform remains crystal clear in transparency while dealing
with crypto enthusiasts as well as abiding by territorial laws. The platform is a well-regulated exchange
in all geo-locations. It supports a large number of crypto pairs to help you choose the one on your watch
list. Spot trade has the largest number of pairs and there are more being added every day. Crypto pairs
are added to the platform after a complete screening by a team of experts. The trading volume of
Swissblock is being multiplied as the platform is getting more attention due to its multifunctional
features. Soon, it will be among the top 10 crypto exchanges with respect to trading volume. The
multimode multifunctional deployment ensures optimum scalability. Irrespective of the number of
visitors and their trading volume, Swissblock always sticks to the strict policy of charging no fees.
Since Swissblock is the only exchange that offers Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading in one place
and is regulated in over 200+ countries, it engages the largest community from across the globe.
Swissblock, therefore, becomes a platform where investors and experts share their insights and put
their trust in the platform. Since crypto knows no boundaries, Swissblock is offered on multiple
Operating systems including Android, Windows, IOS, and web versions in multiple languages. As they
say, the crypto world never sleeps; Swissblock offers 24/7 customer support and world-class service in
your preferred language.
The interface of Swissblock is beginner-friendly yet equipped with everything an amateur trader would
require. Interactive live price charts, advanced indicators, widgets, and multiple trade automation
options like market orders, limit orders, OCO, and Stop-Limit orders – you name it, and you’ll find it.
Swaps between fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat are made so easy with a huge number of payment
options. And don’t forget, Swissblock is the only exchange that offers you to trade crypto and stocks on
a single platform without worrying about fees.
Margin trades, options, and Swissblock futures are so planned that the funds of retail traders remain
intact even in the most volatile market situations. Swissblock offers leverages as high as 120x on a large

number of crypto pairs. The exchange is committed to providing the most transparent, fair, and
competitive trading platform for traders across the world. Swissblock, in no way, intervenes or
manipulates the price of a token and the prices are based on the users’ input.
Securing users’ funds in hot wallets is the biggest challenge, however, Swissblock Exchange takes up the
challenge and deployed the most secure algorithm. After undergoing the most rigorous tests and audits
from well-known cyber security institutions, Swissblock becomes one of the most secure and fast
platforms that is accessible by the largest community in the world. Swissblock is not only an exchange
but a whole ecosystem that includes a successful Crypto exchange and a crypto bank being widely
adopted in the well-regulated geo-locations. Currently, Swissblock has acquired the license for Crypto
banking in the US, EU, and the UK.
The economic model of the crypto exchange is rapidly maturing itself in a way that Swissblock does not
require to charge any trading fees. The ecosystem has automated its financial stream to only rely on the
banking services and Swissblock is committed to keeping the Crypto Exchange service “free for all”.
Swissblock targets the largest crypto community. Swissblock targets both new and advanced crypto
investors and retail traders and the user feedback are extremely positive on all services. With an
impressive number of products and features and very responsive customer support, Swissblock is
winning so much love from everyone – it’s people’s Exchange.

Secure, diverse and stable ecosystem

We created the multifunctional,blockchain backed structure which meets the requirements set by the IT surveillance and safety structure ensuring steady operations of our systems. The front and back-end designs, combined with our multi-node and multifunctional distributed deployment, scales out our capacity and thus providing better service for our customer


Download and enjoy Swissblock mobile APP specially tailored for you, enjoy real-time transactions anytime, anywhere, together with the latest market trends right in the palm of your hands. Trade with high efficacy and reliability with swissblock using phenomenal trading features and latest techniques. Trade crypto and stocks with zero fees and instant operations.

World’s first blockchain bank

Swissblock empowers its users to invest , trade and keep digital currency with complete trust in exchange and banking wallets. Provision of debit cards allows flexibility in paying through crypto and new opportunities beyond the traditional banking system. It also facilitates banking-as-a-service solutions for crypto users.