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Access to financial literacy for all – swissblock banking venture for financial education.

Financial literacy is what we have been focusing from the start at swissblock. We believe that Our users can excel more in trading and banking if they have full knowledge of what is happening in financial world. From this financial literacy,  one can be able to take any financial decision at any point of life while making investment.

But this awareness cannot be done alone. We are playing our part by ensuring that our users are not paying any fees on crypto buying and selling . Still Many people are unaware of basic personal financial management techniques because either they have no proper platform to practise or lack of basic skills required to make financial decisions. Some part is also played by traditional banking which dont let you explore more features that keep the whole financial world just few taps away on your mobile phone screen.

Financial literacy and swissblock venture

To spread more awareness swissblock wants to recall its part in spreading financial literacy. Here are few highlights of our progress made in recent years.

In-app financial management tips and course to learn.

Our in-app features financial education awareness and swissblock academy section of our web contains all important education courses required to excel in financial field and to understand basic personal banking. Still struggling with your bills because of mismanagement? Learn it from swissblock and keep in-app track of all your funds and payments.

We have also added learn modules in our app placed on the dashboard making it easier for the users to navigate directly to the learn section and get inspiration from our educational block. The main benefit that users are getting from swissblock learn/ academy feature is that it saves time for additional research on search engines. That is why we call swissblock an All rounder app. We also expanded it to cryptocurrency basics, ETF’s and hot token analysis in swissblock analysis section.

We also know that many users are also just getting started so give them an inspiring view of banking and crypto trading, we have also introduced basic trading psychology topics to keep users away from FOMO and RISK. For your information, cryptocurrency trading is always linked with risk and proper risk management is also necessary. That is why financial literacy is preferred before investing.

Financial Literacy content for the public.

We are also planning to roll out our snacks newsletter for public guidance and awareness of banking and trading. On our YouTube channel we also did launch a course that adds up to your financial skills and in-app usage. Licensed professional wrote and published the newsletters that is applicable to the traders and those struggling with personal banking of all levels thus adding to the financial literacy.

Crypto charts interpretation and regular updates about market

We are not just a regular cryptocurrency exchange offering trading platform. We also know that in this volatile market, one needs a proper understanding of basics to execute timely trades. To ensure this, swissblock academy and analysis section is playing a huge role in shaping traders by publishing regular micro and macro level analysis of crypto and stocks market.

Understanding of charting patterns are made easy by our podcasts and regular expert sessions for users to understand the market movements. Trading on spot, futures and stocks market on swissblock crypto exchange is now more easy and secure and we are continuously striving to make users more literate and sharp in trading. Users also get benefit through swissblock weekly blog of plan of action that is useful for every trader at any stage.

We will continue to find new ways to empower our users to take right steps towards the financial ease and freedom.  We are committed to provide financial education round the clock to our users. 

Hot days and sunny weather wont stop us. Here’s the June updates of swissblock, best crypto bank

Best crypto banks bring back the actual use case of bitcoin when it was developed. Later its use cases were diversified and now its been used as an asset and also as a payment method in some regions. Swissblock, the best crypto bank contains fintech (fiat) and crypto banking in same app which has rejoiced the actual purpose of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin.

The weather is hot and we are moving closer to the more sunny days and its that time of year when everyone enjoys on beach, parties and a lot of fun. This all can be done and more enjoyable when you have the right payment method and gateway with you. So all you need is best crypto bank.

We have also noticed that cards also add up to your personality in many ways. Your wallet shines differently when you pull your  swissblock personalized card out from it. But the major concern is that whether that card will be acceptable at any party, club or cafe? Absolutely yes. In our june updates, many payment methods and ways are added.  We are delighted to inform you about the addition of new features.

Usually things get hot in summers, so do our banking features. We are not slowing down, rather we are gearing up for further amazing features addition in swissblock card. We have been hard at work making your finance management easy and handy. 

Add money easily- Best crypto bank for a reason

Now you can also add money directly by clicking the widget icon on your home screen. Tap section and explore a lot  of options to add your amount in swissblock bank. Also exchange crypto-fiat easily in just few right swipes through swissblock, the best crypto bank.

Easy and searchable features

Are you trying to do a lot of things simultaneously? Getting stressed by manually finding the required feature? Now you don’t need to worry as we have launched the search feature too for easy searching. Just tap the search bar and look for the service you want to use. These amazing features makes swissblock the best crypto bank.

Hot coins ? Need analytics?

Are you planning to invest in crypto? Want to add crypto in your bank through fiat exchange? Our latest technology offers low rate exchange fiat- crypto with easy and fee-less buying of any crypto of your choice in just simple clicks. And the amazing thing is that we still are not charging anything from you on buying and selling crypto. Don’t forget that investments are risky but life changing too.

Get the analysis about the token you are planning to buy from swissblock analysis section for easy understanding of charts and Fundamentals of that coin.

View statements on desktop.

Our latest web feature allows you now to see your statements from desktop either it be crypto or fiat. Transparency is what creates trust between user and swissblock and we are maintaining it with full zeal and zest.

Explore your allowances  and limits with limitless banking

Hopefully, you already have made the plan to go on a picnic or on a travel trip. This requires to have a look at allowances and limits. Be sure, your traditional bank is showing you upcoming debits and present allowances in your app. If its not there, shift to swissblock where we give you each and every detail of your bills and bucks. 

That’s June which we just wrapped up!

We know that summers are hot but we will not let the summers to stop us from serving you with best banking and payment features. We are continuously striving to get best crypto bank features for you. Check in the this month updates to get idea of what amazing thing you are using and keeping in your mobile phone.

How to start investing in crypto with Swissblock. 3 quick ways explained.

Investing in crypto is like nightmare for many people due to high fees and trading issues. Probably they haven’t find any good way to start investing in crypto. Swissblock has come up with swift and secure feature of investing in crypto and other stocks assets. Zero trading fees, Fast and secure system of buying and selling, High leverage feature for experienced traders is what makes swissblock unique and fastest growing crypto banking and exchange in fin tech and crypto industry.

Its now time to stop over thinking an start investing in crypto currency. Here are steps to start buying crypto currency with swissblock. If you want to own your first crypto currency and afraid of the taxes than you are on right platform. Swissblock provides you with stress free ways to buy crypto currency and investing in stocks. Swissblock take you by the hand and settle things once and for all. Here are three ways to start investing in crypto currency with swissblock.


Here is the secret information that all the well known and cunning professionals don’t want you to know about crypto buying : You don’t need to pass any exam or need any certain qualification to buy crypto. You don’t need to look like tech savvy .You don’t even need to leave your house and go to bank to buy. But as we know that first step is always the hardest so to eradicate this saying, we have made it easy for you to buy bitcoin or ethereum through swissblock. You can start with as little as you want.

All you have to do is to click on the swissblock app and in just few clicks you will become owner of your first crypto currency ,either it be bitcoin ,ethereum or a whole lot of shiba. If you are still unable to decide about the crypto that you should buy than have a look at our biweekly crypto currency analysis in swissblock analysis section. We are even here to tell you the crypto you should buy to get good profits.

Earn interest, use spot and futures trading feature

If you have done with buying of crypto than you need to find ways to grow your crypto currency. Compound interest is also good feature which means that the interest that you earn, get reinvested and earns interest itself. Also the spot and futures feature for trading without any trading fee is also what we offering to our users to grow their crypto. This is undoubtedly the best factor to grow your crypto currency and to get start with investing in crypto.

The money in your bank will get less worthy with time and inflation and this is where crypto interest steps in to save your money. Swissblock is also offering you spot, futures, options, stocks ,volatility and leverage tokens trading feature to grow your investment.

Save your money with crypto

Many people are worried about finding the right time to invest their money in stocks and they do not want their time to be spend on managing their investments. That is why swissblock has come up with savings plan to save your time and investing oppurtuinties.

Here is the best thing about our savings plan: Our all system is automated and the user don’t need to spend much time on managing the investments. With swissblock banking and exchange ,you can take away the stress of managing and tracking your spending. Business payments in seconds and futuristic approach towards KYC using modern approach is what makes swissblock, the most growing banking app in US ,UK and EU.

Want to know about our cards? Check details about wonderful swissblock personalized cards here.

1st Crypto bank: Benefits and perks offered by swissblock

Crypto bank provides you with the opportunity to bring your stored crypto in use. Everyday payments and other spending including business payment disbursement and direct debits using cryptocurrency was the basic idea behind bitcoin. Swissblock has been reviving this idea by innovating new system of blockchain backed crypto bank that provides user with the option to use crypto as payment method with best conversion rates. Minimizing the use of paper money and revolutionizing the world through integration of crypto payment method is the main goal of swissblock. The fee-less crypto exchange along with bank also provides best trading platform for crypto and stocks.

Crypto bank with crypto exchange

Swissblock offers multiple modules in banking system with fastest payouts and 24/7 live support. Main features which we are offering includes

1.Retail banking

Offering of basic financial banking to users with account creation and money management is what swissblock offers in retail banking. Furthur swissblock also offers safe access to the credits and deposits. We have also addded additional features in swissblock banking system, such as assessment of recurring charges and scanning a fingerprint to log into an account. Users can access to variety of services such as mortgages, credit cards, everyday spending, foreign currency conversion and various kind of fares.

Fiat-crypto conversion

This outclass method of swissblock bank offers best and stable exchange rates with direct debits and easy payments with debit card. Thus getting paid hassle-free and making instant payments worldwide is possible due to the faster inter-modular system in swissblock. Also the transfer between friends and family is always fast and instant no matter where they are. So wiring payments internationally at great exchange rates is possible due to swissblock system.

Debit card facility-Swissblock

For selected regions, we are also rolling out our colorful and personalized cards for making transactions more easy and fast. Swissblock labs are also offering personalized project incubation for proper development of crypto projects and banking operations management.

Also the virtual cards are easy to use. Users just need to add a card in the mobile and then one can pay easily through mobile phone in just 1 tap. Swissblock gives user the opportunity to monitor card and bank by fingertips. One can freeze his/her card with limit increase and decrease from the swissblock application.

Getting instant app notifications with money management alerts with additional perks of swissblock metal card to stand out in the community is also what makes swissblock the 1st blockchain bank with fast payouts and relatively better features.

Swissblock crypto bank

Swissblock Crypto bank offers you with the privilege to buy and sale crypto currency through simple clicks and without the headache of waiting for hours for the payouts for crypto to arrive. The cashbacks privilege of up to 1.2% on paying through swissblock platinum cards also adds on to the exciting swissblock features.

We will be describing more features in upcoming blog.

Stay connected !

Swissblock-A safe block for your crypto assets.

1st crypto Payment system for all with innovative and fast blockchain by swissblock.

Single crypto payment system has been in discussions a while ago with global interest towards blockchain to integrate in payment system. The major benefit of this system is that it will automate and increase the velocity of payment transfers between the sender and receiver without any headache of pending payment. Swissblock has come up with the solution a while ago and offered 1st blockchain backed crypto bank with cryptocurrency exchange to make buy and sale of crypto easy and reliable.

The major part of banking in swissblock also depends upon the automation for making payments easy and swift. The linkage of crypto banking account with the exchange wallet adds on a benefit of making the wallet crypto into use.

Crypto payment system automation and swissblock

It is a general view of many financial advisors and institutions that the first ever cryptocurrency that was supposed to be used as a payment method for goods and transports has been changed into the thing it was never intended to be. With swissblock crypto payment system, we are again making the idea of usage of crypto in payment system alive by offering blockchain backed crypto banking with fee-less crypto exchange to users. Bitcoin became an asset and commodity for trading

It was revealed from the studies that bitcoin has very less use for paying and making transactions of everyday spending and if someone use it as payment options, the system collapses and pending payments in between the sender and receiver, but after the launching of swissblock it has been revolutionized into unique way of using your crypto wallet for paying hassle free. Swissblock’s system of automated payments also empower the user to track the payment and his/her crypto throughout the process. We generate a unique tracking ID for this too.

Credit card payments through swissblock

 With swissblock’s innovative credit cards, you have the privilege to pay for gasoline or a meal at your favorite restaurant in dollars or pay for that awesome new Tesla in cryptocurrency.

Crypto payment system integration with crypto exchange is what swissblock offer with the fast transactions and credit card facility to redeem funds and to pay with favorite cryptocurrency. Further swissblock is not charging anything for buying and selling crypto. Its charges 0% commission on all trades.

Swissblock is striving to merge the crypto world with the real world and for this swissblock has rolled out personalized debit cards which proved to be a great idea for betterment of the system. Crypto payment system integration into swissblock has been only possible after taking the bitcoin’s vision into consideration, improving it and taking steps to make it bigger and safer both for the system and user.


Everything you need to know about Swissblock

Swissblock is an ecosystem that includes a commission-free Cryptocurrency Exchange that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, a Crypto bank that offers fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat swaps, and fiat-like crypto banking services. Swissblock also includes a huge library of educational articles on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and news about finance-related topics. Let’s break down each sector one by one.

Swissblock Crypto Exchange

Swissblock becomes the only exchange that exclusively offers a multifunctional trading platform without charging any fees. Swissblock exchange believes in “Crypto for all” and huge fees and commission are the hindrances in its wide-scale adoption. This is the reason why Swissblock decided to offer all the exchange services free of cost – no hidden fees, no large spreads. That’s how crypto should be.


Swissblock Exchange offers live market updates with multiple trading tools to assist the crypto newbie as well as crypto experts. Swissblock supports Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading on its platform in 200+ countries.  The platform shows the portfolio distribution graphically so that users can interact and better understand the portfolio and make informed decisions. From profit and loss, assets distribution, and analytics – everything is available at a single click. Swissblock offers its signature simple yet advanced interface so you can excel in everything on your first visit.

The first step is to analyze the performance of each coin and token separately if you have already bought your crypto. Say if a coin is not performing well, you might want to replace it with other which has good volatility in your favorable direction. In this way, you’ll be able to optimize your trading strategies to maximize your profits. This boosts up your overall portfolio. The performance tab on the exchange shows you how you have been doing in recent days. You can download the report as a PDF or Excel sheet to further study your progress.

There are 5 types of orders to support the traders on the platform.

  1. Market Orders

  2. Limit Orders

  3. Stop Orders

  4. Recurring Buys

  5. Set Schedule

Market order means buying instantly at the current price. This is like swapping your fiat with Bitcoin at the current price. Limit orders mean you place an order at your desired price. Say if Bitcoin is trading at $30,500 but you want to buy it at $30,100, you will place a limit order and it will automatically buy Bitcoin for you if the price drops to $30,100 or below. Stop order means, you put a condition for an order to take place. For instance, there’s a resistance at $32,000 and you think the price cannot further go up. But if it does, you want your buy order to get canceled, then you can place a stop Order.

Recurring Buys is the frequent buy. This is done by the traders to achieve dollar-cost averaging. Set Schedule orders are custom orders where you can choose to automatically buy or sell at a specific time or price.

Swissblock supports multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, and Bank transfers. After adding a payment method, users will also be able to choose recurring buys at their custom schedule.

Swissblock Crypto bank:

Swissblock Bank is now fully operational with all its features in entire Europe, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Swissblock Crypto bank is offering debit and credit cards to all its users and will offer fiat like crypto services including the followings:

  • Buy on credit

  • The most accepted method of payment in multiple countries

  • Interest-free cash withdrawals

  • Unlimited reward points

  • Insurance coverage

  • Make travel easy

  • Discounts and cashback

  • Improve your credit score

  • Fiat-to-crypto & Crypto-to-fiat swaps


The banking services with cryptocurrencies are very secure but in case a user loses the card, he or she can freeze or replace it with a single click on the Swissblock platform. The card can be used to make an online purchase like from Amazon, pay for travel expenses, and even insurance. Swissblock payment app is the smartest tool that our Crypto bank users can benefit from.

Swissblock payment app offers you the convenience of managing your crypto portfolio through a very interactive user interface. The simple new design offers you to manage everything and make payments even when you’re offline as everything is linked to the ATM network. You can download the app from Play Store or Apple store for free.

Swissblock Academy and Blogs:

Swissblock Academy houses the largest library of up-to-date blogs on cryptocurrency and blockchain. The blogs focus on the topics like DeFi, Web 3, Popular Crypto coins, and News on Stocks, Crypto and Commodities. Crypto education is the first thing you need to understand before you enter the crypto world as a trader or an investor. Swissblock allows exclusive access to top-notch educational courses on cryptocurrencies and news for free so that our traders can make informed decisions.


Swissblock Payment App

Swissblock Crypto Bank: The brand new all-rounder Swissblock Payment App

The crypto bank offers banking services, Credit and Debit cards, and a reliable all-rounder Swissblock Payment App. Swissblock Crypto Bank is one of the important departments of the Swissblock ecosystem. The Swissblock is completely regulated in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe, where it operates. Swissblock has developed its infrastructure across these geo-locations.

Swissblock Crypto bank focuses on providing ease of access to crypto like the traditional bank’s offer for fiat. Swissblock Bank offers all the facilities that a traditional bank offers but with cryptocurrencies. Following are the crypto-based services that are offered by the crypto Bank.

  • Retail Banking
  • Fiat-Crypto Conversion
  • ATM Services
  • Financial Remittances
  • Lightning-fast Payments
  • Special Trading Through Ai
  • Credit Facilities (Debit and Credit Cards)
  • Crypto Insurance
  • Stable Exchange Rates
  • The Liquidity of Crypto and Fiat
  • Customer Service
  • Crypto Exchange

Swissblock Crypto bank is now fully functional in the US, UK, and Europe. Securing users’ funds and the true endeavor to make crypto assets mainstream is something that Swissblock pioneers in. But the best thing our bank offers is exclusive offers for institutions and retail customers alike.

Swissblock has rapidly built its infrastructure including countries wide network of ATMs to help our users access their crypto funds on the go. The Crypto Bank Swissblock also offers credits and debit cards to all our users which are valid to be used in online purchases as well. Being a part of Swissblock Crypto Bank offers you the following services:

  • Payment App
  • Buy on credit
  • Make travel easy
  • Discounts and cashback
  • Improve your credit score
  • Fiat-to-crypto & Crypto-to-fiat swaps
  • The most accepted method of payment in multiple countries
  • Interest-free cash withdrawals
  • Unlimited reward points
  • Insurance coverage

The main service offered by the Swissblock Bank is the ATM network in multiple cities of the aforementioned locations and the Payment App. The ATM network brings crypto closer to fiat and the payment app offers a long list of features and services that are briefly listed below.

Swissblock Payment App

Swissblock Payment App

The Swissblock Payment App is a whole new world of accessibility and security to explore. Mainly the app offers its users the following services.

1.      Convenience:

Swissblock payment app offers you the convenience of managing your crypto portfolio through a very interactive user interface. The simple new design offers you to manage everything and make payments even when you’re offline as everything is linked to the ATM network. The app interface is designed so that a non-crypto person or a beginner can use it perfectly right.

2.      Asset Management:

Managing assets and that too on an app is quite a challenge for most people but the Swissblock Payment app does offer everything in a very seamless way. Users can transfer their assets with simple touches and check the real-time prices of their crypto assets. Swissblock helps users in asset inquiry and price inquiry by offering details in a graphical as well as descriptive manner.

3.      Simple Transfer

Crypto wallet addresses are not human-readable and can not be remembered so there’s always a chance of sending the crypto to the wrong address. With the friend adding function, you can add beneficiaries with their name and make the transfer with a single touch.

4.      QR Payments:

Swissblock payment app uses the dual QR technique to offer you a complete digital experience and to make quick payments with ease. Now you can make freely the payments at the store and keep the transaction record to always stay up to date about your expenses.

5.      Security is our priority:

As long as you stay in the ecosystem of Swissblock you are always in the safe hands. Securing users’ funds in hot wallets is the biggest challenge, however, Swissblock Exchange takes up the challenge and deployed the most secure algorithm. After undergoing the most rigorous tests and audits from well-known cyber security institutions, Swissblock becomes one of the most secure and fast platforms that is accessible by the largest community in the world. Users’ personal details and their security keys are always stored in separate lockers to make it impossible to sneak through our system. The multi-layered tested security system of Swissblock keeps you and your funds secure.

6.      3 Factor Authentication:

Forget 2-factor authentication as Swissblock utilizes 3-factor authentication before the user interacts with the funds. Our smart systems store the device information and will get always alarm you whenever there’s a login attempted besides your registered device. Then there comes the password used to protect the account. Swissblock Crypto Bank App further ensures security through biometric information or your face identification.

Swissblock is offering cryptocurrencies the extensibility to target the bigger community through an inclusive approach. Swissblock payment method is being swiftly added to the various payment and transfer systems to provide the end-user an environment where the difference between access crypto and fiat narrows even further.

Why DeFi Projects choose Near Protocol

The Ethereum competitor, Near Protocol, is a community-run dApp (Decentralized Application) that focuses on offering a developer and user-friendly environment.  Near Protocol is becoming the many ambitious DeFi projects for the qualities it has over the Ethereum blockchain. Near is known for its amazing token and tokenomics and scalability.

Qualities and Innovation of Near Protocol:

1.      Scalability and Sharding:

The near protocol is known for sharding technology called “NightShade” which promises increased scalability without compromising the security and decentralization of the network.

The Ethereum network is super congested because of the number of transactions. Users have to bid higher by paying more fees to perform their transactions faster. Ethereum can perform 15 transactions per second and the fee can go as higher as $50. Near Protocol leverages NightShade to solve the problem by providing alternative channels through dedicated nodes to perform the transaction.  This helps not only maintain the lower fees but also improved scalability by outperforming Ethereum.

Near Protocol

2.      Consensus and PoS

Near Protocol is a community-run dApp that uses Delegated Consensus Mechanism to make the whole ecosystem fully decentralized. The PoS (Proof of Stake) approach is used by Near protocol to empower those who don’t have their computer parts or coins to become a validator through DoomSlug. Through the DoomSlug mechanism, a set of contributors produce and broadcast blocks by taking turns.


Fundamental Analysis: How to do research (DYOR) before investing

The way the Scalability of Swissblock is somewhat similar to the Near Protocol’s approach. To tackle network congestion and improve TPS (Transaction Per Second) without compromising the security was a challenge taken up by the SwissBlock developers. And now, the platform is capable of performing lightning-fast transactions and handling any number of users without affecting its performance. Through multi-node multifunctional distributed deployment, SwissBlock promises scalability which is second to none.

3.      Governance:

Near Protocol has a very mature governance and maintenance mechanism to carry out upgrades and make decisions proactively with the inclusion of community elected representatives. Near protocol is run and maintained by a non-profit foundation called Near Foundation however the technical upgrades are done by the Reference Maintainer. Near protocol is nearing Web 3.0 development to distinguish itself from the competition.

4.      Human Readable addresses and usability


This is what a cryptocurrency address looks like and if you narrate to someone on phone or memorize yours, it seems impossible to do. What near protocol did is it made the contract addresses “Human Readable” just like you can receive your crypto at “myname.near”. Correct, Ethereum does the same but does that come free like in Near Protocol? I doubt that.

Near Protocol focuses on a user-friendly environment by following a usability-first approach. Progressive Security Model, User-friendly interface, Easy subscriptions, and user-centric policy makes Near Protocol DeFi’s favorite pick.

Projects on Near Protocol:

1.      Aurora cross-chain bridge

Aurora is a cross-chain bridge built on Near Protocol. Aurora serves Decentralized Applications and users on the Ethereum network to bridge to Near Protocol. The Aurora Platform was successfully launched on December 02, 2021. Aurora claims to be the perfect scaling solution for Ethereum Network.


2.      Rainbow Bridge:

Rainbow is also a bridge between Rainbow and Ethereum. Rainbow enables Ethereum assets to be usable on Near Protocol and vice versa. Users can onboard Rainbow Bridge using MetaMask Crypto Wallet.

3.      REF Finance

Ref Finance is another core project in the DeFi ecosystem on Near Protocol having more than $68 million TVL on the platform. REF Finance mainly focuses on DEX, Lending Protocols, and synthetic asset issuers.

4.      MetaPool

With TVL above $30 million, MetaPool is a Near Backed DeFi platform that offers liquidity staking. MetaPool is the first platform to offer NEAR’s first liquid staking token, the stNEAR. Stakers earn a $Meta token as a reward on every epoch. Near Protocol is the first choice of many other DeFi Projects like Proximity Labs, Berry Club, Cheddar, and Skyward Finance.


Near Protocol is an incredible ecosystem that is simple, secure, and highly scalable. Many DeFi projects have already joined the Near Protocol and there are more who see their inclusive future with such a capable project. The Robust infrastructure of NEAR is taking over DAOs, DeFi, and NFTs through intuitive developer tools and a decentralized community.

Swissblock Bank

Swissblock Bank: Brace for the first Regulated Cryptocurrency Bank

Swissblock Bank is a part of the ecosystem that includes a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange, Swissblock Bank, and Swissblock Academy to teach cryptocurrency and blockchain for free. Swissblock Bank has successfully acquired a banking license to operate as a crypto bank in the United States, Europe, and United Kingdom.

Why do we need a Crypto Bank?

We are living in the era of 5G where people want financial freedom over their own assets and the centralized nature of classic banks engulfs the efficiency. Thanks to Satoshi, we have blockchain technology that has revolutionized the way of finance. Whether it be the tech giants like Google, eBay, Amazon, or small fintech start-ups, blockchain is getting wide acceptance from everywhere. Though the classic banks are taking notice of it by launching their own version of crypto tokens, this does not solve half of the problem we had. People want to use cryptocurrencies with ease as we use fiat. Launching a crypto token only adds one more crypto to the already existent over 17,000 coins. Launching token is not the solution we already have those a lot, the concern is not accepting that token as they accept fiat. This inspired Swissblock to launch the cryptocurrency bank that offers the same accessibility as fiat and more.

The institutions and professional investors have woken up to the reality and they acknowledge that the market values have skyrocketed in the digital space – in DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and cryptocurrencies. This is pretty evident that the trends are shifting to decentralized finance and blockchain-based banking. Even though we are at the beginning of exploring blockchain technology and decentralized finance is just a decade old, you’ll realize that a big chink of the institutional money bucket is already into it. We’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg and with the full-scale crypto adoption, the share of blockchain-based banks will be insanely large. Swissblock is building the future by being the first regularized crypto bank.

Learn Cryptocurrency and Blockchain for free

With Swissblock Bank there will be no record tempering, security vulnerabilities, slow transactions, centralized authority, and complex transfer process. Whether it be Cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptocurrency Bank, or Cryptocurrency Academy. Swissblock’s main target is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone and to make crypto frets, a true crypto enthusiasts. Our vision is to offer facilities that are advanced and futuristic and to make cryptocurrency mainstream by adding the factor of trust and convenience.

Swissblock: Trade Crypto Spot, Futures, Margin, and Options on a single platform

Swissblock Bank Services

Swissblock Bank offers all the facilities that a traditional bank offers but with cryptocurrencies. Following are the crypto-based services that are offered by the crypto Bank.

  • Retail Banking,
  • Fiat-Crypto Conversion
  • ATM Services
  • Financial Remittances
  • Lightning-fast Payments
  • Special Trading Through Ai
  • Credit Facilities (Debit and Credit Cards)
  • Crypto Insurance
  • Stable Exchange Rates
  • The Liquidity of Crypto and Fiat
  • Customer Service
  • Crypto Exchange

Swissblock Bank

Securing users’ funds and the true endeavor to make crypto assets mainstream is something that Swissblock pioneers in. But the best thing our bank offers is exclusive offers for institutions and retail customers alike. The platform is well suited for both categories and with the recent addition of customer services, Swissblock becomes the only crypto base trusted bank.  

Swissblock Bank: Credit and Debit Cards

Swissblock Bank is now operating with all its features in entire Europe, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Since Swissblock acquired the banking license for these three locations, you can only use Swissblock Bank only from these specific locations. Swissblock has also built a countries-wide network of ATMs which is being used by all our users. The Crypto Bank Swissblock also offers credits and debit cards to all our users which are valid to be used in online purchases as well. Using Swissblock Bank Credit cards offers you the following services:

  • Buy on credit
  • The most accepted method of payment in multiple countries
  • Interest-free cash withdrawals
  • Unlimited reward points
  • Insurance coverage
  • Make travel easy
  • Discounts and cashback
  • Improve your credit score
  • Fiat-to-crypto & Crypto-to-fiat swaps

Swissblock Bank requires KYC (Know Your Customer) to abide by the regulations and territorial laws. This helps us keep a fair track of transactions and increases transparency. Swissblock Bank is encouraging and inspiring other traditional banks and setting a precedent of success and leading the way to digital currency adoption.

Swissblock ecosystem constitutes the largest and most diverse crypto community which expands thousands more every day. Swissblock with its cryptocurrency exchange targets the crypto community worldwide and offers them a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange that charges zero fees on all kinds of trades and swaps. The Swissblock Crypto Academy is available in multiple languages in over 200+ countries. The community is the strongest pillar we have in our system that including age groups between 16 to 60 years. Swissblock is sparking a new race in the crypto space for providing a seamless trading experience across the globe and the banking venture will surely attract new players and investors.

Bitcoin above 30k again and gaming tokens recovery

Price action and dominance :

It seems that bitcoin has discovered the floor and jumps from that to go above 30000 usd.Crypto market on friday recovers from the extreme dump positions and is settled at $30300 at the publication time .

Yesterday Bitcoin dumped to $26,000 and bounced from there immediately. The weekly structure is still holding. The weekly candle close is very crucial and needs to close above the support level. A weekly candle close above $32,000 shows the strength of bulls and we see some recovery in the market. A candle close below $30,000 will put bears in control and we see sideways movement or downward movement in the coming weeks. You can watch all the updates regularly in updates section.

Talking about the bitcoin dominance it got rejected from 44.5–46.5 % levels of resistance.Due to this thing we are seeing greenery everywhere on the crypto portfolio interface of swissblock exchange.Now bitcoin dominance may touch the 42% levels to test it as a support.Breaking above the 44.5 levels will cause downfall in the alt coins.If bitcoin got stability in a range, then we are going to see 10–20% increment in the prices of tokens.

Gaming tokens recovery :

Several gaming tokens blew up today on friday as market got some pump.This fast recovery of GALA ,approximately 81% in the past 24 hours due to top buying of GALA by ethereum wallets.Meanwhile other metaverse and gaming tokens has also shown major recovery.Similarly APE coin also showed jumped 68 percent in past 24 hours.

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