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Swissblock Crypto Academy

Swissblock Crypto Academy: Learn How to Trade

Swissblock Crypto Academy is the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform that features one of the largest online libraries having hundreds of hours of content. Cryptocurrencies make more headlines than politics do, the fad is getting real and those calling Bitcoin a bubble are now going all in. If you have been trading crypto for a while now, you must have understood one thing very clearly the profits you make are proportional to your knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Learning comes long before earning. If you want to improve your crypto and blockchain knowledge and decide to see what this all fuss is about, look no further as Swissblock Crypto Academy has everything to teach you the subject in the most comprehensive manner.

Why Swissblock Crypto Academy?

Swissblock Crypto Academy

Blockchain is taking over traditional financial systems. People are shifting from centralized banks to DeFi (Decentralized Finance), Video Games are shifting to blockchain games, web browsing is becoming DApps and Web3, and social experience is shifting to the metaverse. Owing to the current shift in trends, there’s never been a better time to explore blockchain education with Swissblock than now. Swissblock Crypto Academy is the number one place for blockchain education and we have the following reasons to support our claim.

1.     Swissblock Crypto Academy: Largest Crypto library:

The platform covers topics on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Economics, news, guides, and trends. All you need to access the knowledge bank is just an internet connection as Swissblock believes in “crypto for all” and “Education for all”.


Swissblock: Trade Crypto Spot, Futures, Margin, and Options on a single platform

2.      Frequently Updated Courses

Cryptocurrency never sleeps and there is always something new coming. Many protocols change, hard forks happen and new algorithms become a part of the existing smart contracts. Therefore, Swissblock Crypto Academy always keeps the content up to date. The technological evolutions are updated and included in our academy in real-time.

3.      Get a head-start in the new blockchain era

The blockchain world is a rapidly changing world and needs to understand this technology is the future. With the added use cases, blockchain has the potential to revolutionize industries that are running on outdated classic mechanisms. The Swissblock Crypto Academy can give you a head-start in learning the subject and follow the future trends like a real companion – that knows pretty much everything.

4.      Update your Security knowledge:

Brush up on your security knowledge with Swissblock Crypto Academy free of cost, just like trading on Swissblock is. The internet is not home and particularly for the newbies, it can be hostile. Dealing with cryptocurrencies is all about handling your finance online in hot wallets. If you are not aware of the advanced threats, you become an easy target of scammers and hackers that have eyes on your hard-earned portfolio. Through our easy to understand and comprehensive security courses, you can teach yourself to protect against ransom, phishing, and other Rug Pull attacks – we have got you covered.

5.     Learn for free, anytime, anywhere:

Swissblock Crypto Academy is free to access from anywhere at any time. If your tough routine doesn’t allow you to learn, devise a custom schedule for yourself. No charges, no premiums, no advertisements. You don’t have to undergo any frustrating sign-ups or registrations – Swissblock Crypto Academy is just one click away.

6.      Largest Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Community:

Swissblock is an ecosystem that includes a Crypto bank, Multifunctional Exchange, and an extensive material academy. The platform is well regularized and is accessible from anywhere – constituting the largest crypto community of enthusiasts, investors, retail traders, and institutions. The Swissblock Crypto Academy is available in multiple languages in over 200+ countries. The community is the strongest pillar we have in our system that including age groups between 16 to 60 years. This contra-mix of the worldwide community having different backgrounds and levels of experience makes this platform one of the most diverse educational cryptocurrencies and blockchain academies.

7.      Swissblock Crypto Academy: Value for Time

Swissblock Crypto Academy is a fair opportunity for you to learn blockchain and bag as much knowledge as you can – providing value for your time. We all are aware of the nefarious volatilities of cryptocurrencies – the same potential and caliber are of blockchain knowledge. With ample blockchain knowledge and help from the content created by industry-leading experts, you can propel yourself into the decentralized where you can make informed decisions and earn potential benefits.

Swissbock credit cards and merging blockchain .

Swissblock Crypto Academy: Summary

Cryptocurrency growth is having massive adoption worldwide, yet there is a lot more to discover. More use cases are being added to the blockchain including Cryptocurrencies, metaverse, NFTs, voting, consensus, play to earn games, DeFi, DApps, and Web 3 – there is much more to follow in the coming years. The fact you’re here means you have an opportunity to gain some knowledge of the crypto sector and understand how to manage your wealth portfolio to not lose too much of your wealth in the monetary renegotiation. Getting a basic understanding of blockchain and getting yourself aware of the recent trends will help you understand the transition between classical legacies and futuristic decentralized financial infrastructures. Therefore, education on the blockchain is the need of the hour and Swissblock Crypto Academy is leading the way to teach our community everything as we believe knowledge is the best thing you can equip yourself with.

Swissbock credit cards and merging blockchain .

Swissblock cards are a safe way to link your crypto wallets to your cards for paying everyday expenses with inbuilt crypto-fiat conversion. The new generation of fin-tech industry is revolutionizing and adopting ways to adopt crypto as payment method for taking blockchain advantage of fast transactions with records .Swissblock recent growth has been exceptional and the cards are proving really beneficial for shopping anywhere by paying in crypto.

Merging blockchain into crypto bank with card facility leads to a sustainable ecosystem of crypto-fiat interaction.Major benfit of using crypto exchange that proved to be a crowd puller is the commission free crypto exchange charging 0% on conversion.This is the major benefit of using crypto exchange empowered with all the facilities of trading including spot,futures,margin and much more.Stocks trading through swissblock and keeping the stocks in safe wallets is the best bet so far.

Swissblock powered crypto credit cards are a substitute of fiat that is in use for purchasing anything like a traditional fiat credit card.Provision of cashbacks on day to day spending and credit points is a major breakthrough in fintech market.Swissblock cards also allows you to redeem your earnings for crypto.

Swissblock crypto-rewards debit card can be used at retailers just like a traditional debit card is used.Our cashbacks offering is different on different purchases and redeeming is also easy without any wait for the specific time limit . Consumers from US UK and EU are benefitting from this facility and we are striving hard to make it more swift and reliable for the customers.

Blockchain based swissblock crypto banking with no worries about the exchange rates when you are making transactions is proving a releif and revolutionary in crypto market in fintech industry.Morever,the welcome bonus is also great and appreciable way to start building the foundation of crypto payments and financial freedom.

Bitcoin movement and swissblock modern charting patterns.

Bitcoin suffered one of its sharpest falls of 2022 this week, due to fear of increasing interest rate and the breaking economic condition.Bitcoin price traded with a vigilant tone as the selling factor slows down today. In todays market, it seems that selling pressure is getting low and the price goes to 36000USD.While having an expert eye on the charts, it seems that bitcoin will breakdown the 35000 usd mark this week as the selling volume is still appreciable relatively.

As of publication time bitcoin is trading at 35803 usd with a struggle sign to hold the support zone and the 50-day EMA is expected to play a decisive role in formation of trend.Things are pretty clear as per charts showing a clear retesting region between 37300 to 38100 on shorter time frames. On the contrary bearish trend will follow if it fails to hold the 34000usd levels.Keep in mind that the bottom as per the market analysis and charts is being called at 28-29000usd. A break of these levels will send the bitcoin to long term bearish trend with heavy sell-off.

Now the question arises that how this interpretation is possible. Looking at the trading interface of swissblock,one can see the strategic tools used to be implemented on the charts for a better and clear picture.EMA’s,indicators and the expressive trend lines helps to interpret the values and next moves.Also the bullish/bearish patterns given in swissblock crypto exchange helps you to find the deviations and the good enteries/exits.