Everything you need to know about Swissblock


Everything you need to know about Swissblock

Swissblock is an ecosystem that includes a commission-free Cryptocurrency Exchange that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, a Crypto bank that offers fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat swaps, and fiat-like crypto banking services. Swissblock also includes a huge library of educational articles on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and news about finance-related topics. Let’s break down each sector one by one.

Swissblock Crypto Exchange

Swissblock becomes the only exchange that exclusively offers a multifunctional trading platform without charging any fees. Swissblock exchange believes in “Crypto for all” and huge fees and commission are the hindrances in its wide-scale adoption. This is the reason why Swissblock decided to offer all the exchange services free of cost – no hidden fees, no large spreads. That’s how crypto should be.


Swissblock Exchange offers live market updates with multiple trading tools to assist the crypto newbie as well as crypto experts. Swissblock supports Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading on its platform in 200+ countries.  The platform shows the portfolio distribution graphically so that users can interact and better understand the portfolio and make informed decisions. From profit and loss, assets distribution, and analytics – everything is available at a single click. Swissblock offers its signature simple yet advanced interface so you can excel in everything on your first visit.

The first step is to analyze the performance of each coin and token separately if you have already bought your crypto. Say if a coin is not performing well, you might want to replace it with other which has good volatility in your favorable direction. In this way, you’ll be able to optimize your trading strategies to maximize your profits. This boosts up your overall portfolio. The performance tab on the exchange shows you how you have been doing in recent days. You can download the report as a PDF or Excel sheet to further study your progress.

There are 5 types of orders to support the traders on the platform.

  1. Market Orders

  2. Limit Orders

  3. Stop Orders

  4. Recurring Buys

  5. Set Schedule

Market order means buying instantly at the current price. This is like swapping your fiat with Bitcoin at the current price. Limit orders mean you place an order at your desired price. Say if Bitcoin is trading at $30,500 but you want to buy it at $30,100, you will place a limit order and it will automatically buy Bitcoin for you if the price drops to $30,100 or below. Stop order means, you put a condition for an order to take place. For instance, there’s a resistance at $32,000 and you think the price cannot further go up. But if it does, you want your buy order to get canceled, then you can place a stop Order.

Recurring Buys is the frequent buy. This is done by the traders to achieve dollar-cost averaging. Set Schedule orders are custom orders where you can choose to automatically buy or sell at a specific time or price.

Swissblock supports multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, and Bank transfers. After adding a payment method, users will also be able to choose recurring buys at their custom schedule.

Swissblock Crypto bank:

Swissblock Bank is now fully operational with all its features in entire Europe, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Swissblock Crypto bank is offering debit and credit cards to all its users and will offer fiat like crypto services including the followings:

  • Buy on credit

  • The most accepted method of payment in multiple countries

  • Interest-free cash withdrawals

  • Unlimited reward points

  • Insurance coverage

  • Make travel easy

  • Discounts and cashback

  • Improve your credit score

  • Fiat-to-crypto & Crypto-to-fiat swaps


The banking services with cryptocurrencies are very secure but in case a user loses the card, he or she can freeze or replace it with a single click on the Swissblock platform. The card can be used to make an online purchase like from Amazon, pay for travel expenses, and even insurance. Swissblock payment app is the smartest tool that our Crypto bank users can benefit from.

Swissblock payment app offers you the convenience of managing your crypto portfolio through a very interactive user interface. The simple new design offers you to manage everything and make payments even when you’re offline as everything is linked to the ATM network. You can download the app from Play Store or Apple store for free.

Swissblock Academy and Blogs:

Swissblock Academy houses the largest library of up-to-date blogs on cryptocurrency and blockchain. The blogs focus on the topics like DeFi, Web 3, Popular Crypto coins, and News on Stocks, Crypto and Commodities. Crypto education is the first thing you need to understand before you enter the crypto world as a trader or an investor. Swissblock allows exclusive access to top-notch educational courses on cryptocurrencies and news for free so that our traders can make informed decisions.


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