Access to financial literacy for all – swissblock banking venture for financial education.

Access to financial literacy for all – swissblock banking venture for financial education.

Financial literacy is what we have been focusing from the start at swissblock. We believe that Our users can excel more in trading and banking if they have full knowledge of what is happening in financial world. From this financial literacy,  one can be able to take any financial decision at any point of life while making investment.

But this awareness cannot be done alone. We are playing our part by ensuring that our users are not paying any fees on crypto buying and selling . Still Many people are unaware of basic personal financial management techniques because either they have no proper platform to practise or lack of basic skills required to make financial decisions. Some part is also played by traditional banking which dont let you explore more features that keep the whole financial world just few taps away on your mobile phone screen.

Financial literacy and swissblock venture

To spread more awareness swissblock wants to recall its part in spreading financial literacy. Here are few highlights of our progress made in recent years.

In-app financial management tips and course to learn.

Our in-app features financial education awareness and swissblock academy section of our web contains all important education courses required to excel in financial field and to understand basic personal banking. Still struggling with your bills because of mismanagement? Learn it from swissblock and keep in-app track of all your funds and payments.

We have also added learn modules in our app placed on the dashboard making it easier for the users to navigate directly to the learn section and get inspiration from our educational block. The main benefit that users are getting from swissblock learn/ academy feature is that it saves time for additional research on search engines. That is why we call swissblock an All rounder app. We also expanded it to cryptocurrency basics, ETF’s and hot token analysis in swissblock analysis section.

We also know that many users are also just getting started so give them an inspiring view of banking and crypto trading, we have also introduced basic trading psychology topics to keep users away from FOMO and RISK. For your information, cryptocurrency trading is always linked with risk and proper risk management is also necessary. That is why financial literacy is preferred before investing.

Financial Literacy content for the public.

We are also planning to roll out our snacks newsletter for public guidance and awareness of banking and trading. On our YouTube channel we also did launch a course that adds up to your financial skills and in-app usage. Licensed professional wrote and published the newsletters that is applicable to the traders and those struggling with personal banking of all levels thus adding to the financial literacy.

Crypto charts interpretation and regular updates about market

We are not just a regular cryptocurrency exchange offering trading platform. We also know that in this volatile market, one needs a proper understanding of basics to execute timely trades. To ensure this, swissblock academy and analysis section is playing a huge role in shaping traders by publishing regular micro and macro level analysis of crypto and stocks market.

Understanding of charting patterns are made easy by our podcasts and regular expert sessions for users to understand the market movements. Trading on spot, futures and stocks market on swissblock crypto exchange is now more easy and secure and we are continuously striving to make users more literate and sharp in trading. Users also get benefit through swissblock weekly blog of plan of action that is useful for every trader at any stage.

We will continue to find new ways to empower our users to take right steps towards the financial ease and freedom.  We are committed to provide financial education round the clock to our users. 

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