How Swissblock Crypto Exchange is different than other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Swissblock Crypto Exchange

How Swissblock Crypto Exchange is different than other Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Swissblock Crypto Exchange is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges in the market that offers services to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Since there were already hundreds of exchanges operating worldwide, why was there the need for another crypto exchange like Swissblock? What’s the difference that Swissblock Crypto Exchange offers? Before we answer all these questions, let’s first understand a little about cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto exchanges are the most common way for people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. They are online platforms where you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. The first crypto exchange was launched in 2010, and in just a few years there were more than 200 exchanges around the world. Crypto exchanges make it very easy to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. They also provide you with a few different cryptocurrency payment methods such as bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and wire transfers. They come in many forms and can be classified into three main types:

  1. Traditional exchanges: are centralized platforms that allow trading between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  2. Decentralized exchanges: are peer-to-peer platforms that allow the trading of cryptocurrencies without the need for a third party to hold the funds.
  3. Hybrid exchanges are decentralized platforms that have centralized order books or vice versa.

Swissblock Crypto Exchange

How Swissblock Crypto Exchange is different?

1.      Zero Trading Fees:

A trading fee is a fee that a crypto exchange charges its customers for every trade they execute. The trading fee is charged to cover the cost of running the exchange, including hiring people to maintain it and provide customer support, paying for hardware, and paying for electricity. Different exchanges have different trading fees. For example, Coinbase charges 1% per trade while Kraken charges 0.26% per trade.

This is how much other exchanges are charging but it comes to Swissblock, fees completely get out of the equation. This is because Swissblock doesn’t charge even a dime for any trade volume on the exchange. All the trading services on Swissblock Crypto Exchange are commissionless.

2.      High Scalability:

Swissblock is highly scalable as it maintains the security of the chain while allowing the maximum TPS without causing network traffic. Swissblock uses distributed nodes to utilize different channels to make the magic happen.

3.      Interactive Interface

The interface of Swissblock is entirely for beginners yet it is equipped with the latest and most advanced trading tools. The interactive interface comes from the signature Swissblock style of keeping everything to the point. This is why the platform engages the traders better.

4.      Multifunctional Platform:

There are not many exchanges that offer trading options and futures in the entire world, do they? You can do spot trading and swaps but not futures and options on such a wide category of crypto pairs. Well, Swissblock offers not only trading spot but offers future trades, options, staking, and even trading stocks on the platform from anywhere in the world. And did I tell you that all of these services are for free? Yes, Swissblock is charging no fees for any trading activity.

5.      Custom Order Types:

There are 5 types of orders to support the traders on the platform.

  1. Market Orders
  2. Limit Orders
  3. Stop Orders
  4. Recurring Buys
  5. Set Schedule

Market order means buying instantly at the current price. This is like swapping your fiat with Bitcoin at the current price. Limit orders mean you place an order at your desired price. You can read more about these order types here.

6.      Comprehensive Analytics:

Swissblock works primarily on ease of cryptocurrency and provides analytics in a way that anyone can understand what’s on the table. From live market updates and prices to interactive and equipped charts, Swissblock has everything that it takes to become the number one crypto exchange.

7.      DeFi: Why it’s different

Swissblock Crypto Exchange provides two types of DeFi services: from an exchange and the bank. The lending and borrowing services are extremely easy to master and anyone can apply to benefit from these services with the minimum collateral.

8.      Top-notch Security

Swissblock Crypto exchange keeps most of the users’ funds in cold wallets where it is safer to keep. The security of the hot wallets is tested by many cyber security audit companies.

9.      Multiples payment Methods:

Swissblock crypto exchange supports multiple payment methods to add ease of accessing cryptocurrencies. Swissblock supports multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, and Bank transfers. After adding a payment method, users will also be able to choose recurring buys at their custom schedule.


Swissblock Crypto Exchange:

With so much offering on a single platform free of cost, Swissblock is no doubt the crypto exchange of the future. Once it gets enough exposure, the platform will become the highest visited exchange with the largest crypto volume in the near future.

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