How the 1st promising escrow system of swissblock is changing the dealing methods.

How the 1st promising escrow system of swissblock is changing the dealing methods.

The main issue one can face in the online dealings is the payment handling and transfer through proper escrow channels. Swissblock has done this in such an efficient way to make up the missing functionalities in the escrow system to maintain a safe and secure system of payment transferring between buyers and sellers. With just few simple clicks, the buyer and seller can make safe and easy funds transfers with no payment holding period.


The 24/7 online support provides safety to the both parties and a safe channel for dealings. One can easily see the escrow payments, the scheduled payouts and instant transfers on the screen. Swissblock active escrow also provides you with the basic functionalities including the sender and receiver’s unique number to make the transactions in a fast inter modular way.

The Head box is for writing the requirements of the deal which will be the finalized things and the focusing objectives. The requirements ,once completed by the both parties with the green signal from receivers will lead to the instant payout to the relative bank. Swissblock escrow is covering up all the services from dealing of hardware’s to provision of services.

Minimal charges for the payouts is another remarkable feature of swissblock. We only charge a minimal amount for the service only. Swissblock discourages the percentile charges. The main theme of this escrow is to bring ease in the dealings and its been happening. The first payouts are even free on the escrow with no service charges. As we know that swissblock is a fee-less crypto exchange and escrow ,so with the first free escrow and later on minimum affording charges is proving to be a great step for the online dealings.

Swissblock only holds the funds until the buyer has received the product or service. It protects both the buyer and seller in a transaction. Benefits for the includes securing money until the goods are shipped and to get the money back if goods or services fail to meet the criteria with results of return of the goods.

For the sellers the benefits includes the more trust buildup among international buyers and for the buildup of reputation as a reliable seller by having top badges and reviews from the buyers. Also no post shipment hassles is also a promising thing that swissblock provides. This low cost model with no hidden fees along with full visibility of funds is changing the method and ways of online dealings.

No doubt traditional escrows are cumbersome. Main issues are the opening an account that takes so much time and then the regular hold of weeks. Swissblock is eradicating this problem and provides a hassle free, fast and convenient way to make deals.

Buyer and seller agreement on terms is the main foundation of the system. Acting as a trusted third party by holding funds until the both parties fulfill the obligations of the deal is the basic pattern on which the system runs. The sign up is easy and accessible and you can catch up with the transactions right after a simple sign up.Swissblock is always striving hard to make it easy for people to do feeless transactions and enoying other banking services with best ever softwares and fast payouts.

Swissblock is not charging anything for the crypto buying and selling with provision of best banking experience to the users to carry out mass activities. Business sector is also being empowered by the fastest services of swissblock using blockchain as a single unit feature of the whole project. For more information on the project, STAY TUNED.

Swissblock-A safe block for your crypto assets.

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