How to send money with Swissblock banking app?

How to send money with Swissblock banking app?

Send money with swissblock without any hassle of waiting for days for your payment to arrive. You have signed up for Swissblock banking but still worried about the ways to send money abroad? Don’t worry. Here is the complete beginners guide to sending money abroad with Swissblock. International money transfers with Swissblock are easy. Let’s have a detailed and step-by-step look.

What is the time frame of transfers to send money with swissblock? 

Money Transfer is fast when you are doing it with Swissblock. We have integrated fiat and blockchain in our system which makes the transfers fast and secure.

Most of our transfers are done in the same date of making the transaction. Sometimes it may take 2-5days depending upon the route. But don’t worry; we are always here to keep you updated about your funds and transactions. From Swissblock tracker feature, you have complete record and you can easily locate your money. Check this feature when you are making the transfer next time.

In which regions i can send money with swissblock?

Currently with Swissblock, you can send money in all regions of UK and EU (Single Euro Payments Area) .You can also check the list of supported countries/regions on our website main page. We are supporting GBP, EUR and USD.

send money with swissblock

 Safety of sending money with Swissblock app

Our first priority is to keep your money safe and secure. We have security experts on board in app and available to answer any query regarding safety of your money. That is why people trust us and keep sending money abroad with Swissblock.

How to sign up with Swissblock:

Check out the Swissblock updates section to get detailed information about signing up on Swissblock app. It is simple with an easy verification procedure. 

“Payments” option to send money with Swissblock:

Simply you need to add money in your Swissblock bank account and after this you are all set to send money. Check the “payments” tab and send money anywhere. Add the beneficiary details and rest is on us.

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