Instant card transfers through swissblock banking app

Instant card transfers through swissblock banking app

 Card transfer through traditional banks is a long process that requires time and patience. There is a need to fill this space through fast card transfers and instant money sending service. Swissblock has come up with fast card transfer that is safe and secure and transfer takes place in real time.

If you have friends and family anywhere around the world, there is, sometimes, probability of feeling it hard to be close to them. Gifts card and money sending is a kind of love that one shows to remain close to their loved ones. Due to different time zones and locations, it’s pretty hard transferring money and then tracking it throughout the way until the receiver receives the amount. 

Here comes swissblock with plug and play money transfer feature through card. You can instantly transfer money to friends and family through swissblock instant transfer to card.  We believe that loving without limits is the right way to do it. So we made transfers easy and fast to keep you away from any hindrance in showing love.

Direct card transfer from bank to card.

Either its token money for showing love on Birthdays or sending money to siblings to help them out in managing school fee, All you need is their card number and you will be able to send money direct from your bank account to their card without any hustle. This is where swissblock stands unique in its money processing system.

In this world of emerging technology and digital currencies, if you are holding some crypto and wants to send it to your friends and family then swissblock in app crypto-fiat exchange system is here for you. Sign up on swissblock app or web and it’s just 3 step process to convert crypto into fiat and than sending it through your bank to receiver’s card in no time.

There is no headache of checking exchange rates, money processing time and currency selection. All requirements will be pre-filled and you just need to verify and send. Watch your money transfer in real time through swissblock in app money transfer tracker. Its as simple as handing money to them.

Safety of funds & transfer

 Swissblock safety features include the 2 factor authentication or face ID and we are fully encrypted with security of funds within banking app. Safety of funds is our top priority through multi modular security system. Card transfer is now easy with swissblock secured system where you will be charged with all time low fees.

Get started with money transfer:

Supporting your loved ones is now easy through swissblock instant transfer system.

 -Download the latest version of swissblock.

-Tap the ‘transfer’ tab and select ‘transfer to card’. 

-Add card details and select “send” 

-Transfer money in seconds.

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