Money management and spending insights in swissblock app

Money management and spending insights in swissblock app

Money management by traditional banks are boring and not up to the mark .According to a survey, people are mostly stressed about money and its management. Its been highest among business people and teenagers. We have also heard about the money management problems that people face when they were clinging to their old banks. One major thing that come up is the time problem and expense management while managing multiple accounts.

Money management and expert reviews

Now we are moving one step towards betterment and solution of this problem offered by swissblock bank. You must be seeing the personalized swissblock card on your screen and now you can link your all accounts with that card either its GBP or EUR. Lets have a quick review about how money management works in swissblock

Swissblock spending insights

Your spending insight’s, balance , recent transactions as well as other useful information will be at your fingertips. A major benefit is that  you will also be able to move your funds with just one click on screen.
Track your balance and transactions with clarity in money management.
 The one obvious thing now is that clarity is  key to make financial decisions making it easier to manage budget and set aside money for bills. Swissblock bank after the recent update makes it central hub for all your transactions and business payments. Keeping track of your spending by graphs and other insights is also now possible with swissblock updated app.

Linking accounts to your card

Now there is no more jumping between banking apps as swissblock covers your all financial needs. Swipe your debit and credit card to see your balance and recent transactions along with account details. See your balances across all your sub-accounts without any need to do the math as we will do that for you and tell your total net cash.

We are really excited to get  connected account feature in your hands
After diligent efforts of many months it has been possible to make subaccounts and other linked accounts with your swissblock card. You can check further about linked accounts and personalized cards in your “community discussion thread” where we encourage you to contribute to the cause. Ask questions, get directions and we welcome feedback too. We assure that by swissblock money management is going to be an interesting thing. Our insights are really cool. You can say that revolutionizing the fin tech industry with blockchain induced features is worth using thing.

Virtual cards, swissblock explained

Running business requires a lot of efforts and time and its not an easy task to keep record of the money and spending and that’s where swissblock is going to help you. These are speedy and secure cards with sustainable feature as they are issued digitally by the system. This means there is no plastic waste and no direct contact with the environment. Also no harmful distribution cycles makes it unique. Swissblock also offers various perks to pro customers which will be discussed later in detail. You can also personalize these cards by choosing name and colors.

Future developments in swissblock app

There is still a long way ahead of us in banking and our Research and development team also incubated best money management plans to make swissblock the best bank for all your needs. Swissblock fee less crypto exchange also makes it easy to buy crypto of your own choice without giving any fee to exchange. Users can trade spot, futures, options with leverage trades also without paying anything A new merge of blockchain and banking is doing wonders and always striving hard to serve better than others. Stay tuned for further updates.
Swissblock- a safe block for your future assets

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