Shine everywhere with swissblock debit card

Shine everywhere with swissblock debit card

Swissblock debit cards with limitless banking feature is what we are offering to make your finance management easy. Cards are necessary now for online transactions as well as for business payments. But boring look of cards is a major turnoff towards money transactions. We always want to add value in your financial system through up to date features inclusion in swissblock banking system and therefore we have come up with new cards with shiny look and improved features. 

The horrible thoughts associated  with card either comes from its low balance or old look. Low balance can be managed by swissblock financial management tips . But the old look should be renewed. To tackle this issue we have rolled our personalized charismatic debit cards to make your wallet look classy.

Shiny and classy swissblock debit card

Its more good if card shines in every shade. Isn’t it ? Swissblock new debit card with shiny film shines in everywhere and fits in every personality. But its not only about looks, its about the perks that swissblock is offering with the card. Our belief is that our customers should always get something extra while banking or during taking out the card from their wallet . 

So take out  card at every place and show off your swissblock card’s chromatic look.

How I can upgrade my card ?

  • Update your swissblock app
  • Click the swissblock cards section
  • Select your plan
  • Upgrade your plan if you are on basic plan
  • If you are already above basic than simply click the physical card option and get your dream card.

Fund your crypto accounts with swissblock debit card

According to a report by finder, Americans spend an average of $1003 in crypto. Now we don’t know whether its entire portfolio of a minor fraction but we know that many people are using swissblock accounts to fund their crypto accounts with different cryptocurrencies.

There are several exchanges that are recognizing swissblock bank and its quite easy to fund your crypto accounts with swissblock debit card. Swissblock crypto exchange also gives you the opportunity to buy and sale crypto currency of your own choice without paying any commission fee. Yes it is true that we still don’t charge anything on buying and selling.

So its now time to sign up for swissblock exchange and bank and get your swissblock debit card to pave your way towards financial freedom., Swissblock is always looking forward to provide you with best financial features in crypto and fiat.

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