Swissblock bank -Your 1st All rounder money management app

Swissblock bank -Your 1st All rounder money management app

The Swissblock bank sign up is only half the battle. The major perfect use case along with the opening of swissblock bank account is to make sure that you are doing everything right to top up your swissblock account. We always sign up and forget the account just because there is no proper strategy to keep the account filled with bucks and active. Swissblock bank has come up with the solution and offering you various means to keep the account active. Here is how you can make use of the hottest account in town by just maintaining cash flow.

Bring swissblock bank account to life

To start banking via swissblock, you just need to top up your account with any currency or crypto of your choice. Starting with the basics, the main thing you need is to make sure you do not letting your account dried up. Topping up swissblock bank account is easy. You just need to transfer money (crypto or fiat ) to your swissblock bank account’s IBAN. Just copy your unique IBAN from the details section of your bank account and transfer on that IBAN number.

If you are using crypto as method, just use the swissblock’s crypto exchange wallet to link it with your bank and start cashing out your crypto anywhere you want. After this you are almost ready to go.

Its salary time and you are stuck with old methods

If you are reading this than probably you are getting your salary in other local banks rather than using fintech banks for easy and early payouts. Waiting is hard? Yes for salary its very hard to wait. Calling bank admin on their support asking for the cause of delays and late payouts with no option of payment tracking is heart wrenching.

Also is it very hard to change habits ? Again Yes. It is very hard to change the bank as you are afraid of new signup process and documentation of registration. But now Swissblock has come up with the faster system of sign up without any no useful KYC. We just do your basic verification for system and payment security. Above that we have provided very easy way to sign up and register.

Its just matter of time for your salary to arrive through swissblock bank. There is no need to leave swissblock app to redirect your salary to swissblock account.

Here is how you can do this in simple steps.

  • Open the app and follow the “Bank section “
  • Select “account deposit”
  • Tap ” Salary and payments” and select swissblock account to use to receive your salary
  • Tap “send email” and swissblock will generate a prepared email containing your bank account details of swissblock bank to your client.

At swissblock, we make sure that everyone has everything required to spend and save crypto and fiat without any difficulty of late payments and other enormous fees on transactions. All financial needs have been available in 1 place and it has been possible through swissblock. Make sure you are using these techniques to keep your account active and safe with proper money management .

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