Swissblock Crypto Exchange: Next Industry Standard Crypto Platform

Swissblock Crypto Exchange

Swissblock Crypto Exchange: Next Industry Standard Crypto Platform

Swissblock Crypto Exchange is a part of an ecosystem offered by Swissblock that also includes a Crypto bank and an Academy to teach crypto and blockchain subjects. Swissblock Crypto Exchange promises a lot more than a classic crypto exchange, let’s dive a little deeper to find out more.

Swissblock Crypto Exchange:

Swissblock Crypto Exchange


A Cryptocurrency exchange by definition offers buying and selling services by connecting a buyer and seller through a pair and charges a fee or commission for these services. Swissblock Crypto Exchange, however, redefines itself as an exchange that brings “fees” out of the equation. Swissblock charges no fees for any kind of trading free of cost. Be It spot trade swaps or future perpetual contracts, Swissblock Crypto Exchange charges no fee or commission from the trader. This makes Swissblock Crypto Exchange super competitive against the big exchanges that are charging huge fees and yet offer very few services worldwide against the huge fees.

Multifunctional Platform:

Swissblock Crypto Exchange calls itself a multifunctional exchange that can be justified for many reasons. Swissblock supports Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading on its platform in 200+ countries. There are not many exchanges that offer these services worldwide. Swissblock Exchange offers live market updates with multiple trading tools to assist the crypto newbie as well as crypto experts. The platform shows the portfolio distribution graphically so that users can interact and better understand the portfolio and make informed decisions.

From profit and loss, assets distribution, and analytics – everything is available at a single click. Swissblock Crypto Exchange offers its signature simple yet advanced interface so you can excel in everything on your first visit. Whether you are a beginner or a pro trader, you will equally like the Swissblock platform.

Multiple payment methods:

The more easily you can buy crypto the more you have a chance to buy it. Swissblock Crypto Exchange supports multiple payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Cards, Apple Pay, and Bank transfers. After adding a payment method, users will also be able to choose recurring buys at their custom schedule.

Different order Types:

Not all traders buy at the market price. Given the high volatility of the Cryptocurrency market, it won’t always give enough time to buy the dip or sell the peak and – of course, no one can sit and watch the market 24/7. Swissblock automates the process by offering different types of orders on the platform. There are 5 types of orders to support the traders on the platform, Market Orders, Limit Orders, Stop Orders, Recurring Buys, and Set schedules.

Market order means buying instantly at the current price. This is like swapping your fiat with Bitcoin at the current price. Limit orders mean you place an order at your desired price. Stop order means, you put a condition for an order to take place. Recurring Buys is the frequently buying at a specific price. This is done by the traders to achieve dollar-cost averaging. Set Schedule orders are custom orders where you can choose to automatically buy or sell at a specific time or price.

Growing community:

The rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has given a new meaning to the word community. This is because it has created an open, decentralized, and collaborative environment for people from all over the world to interact with each other. The crypto exchange industry is growing rapidly. In 2017, the global crypto exchange market size exceeded $5 billion. The number of exchanges has grown from 30 in 2013 to over 250 in 2018.

The cryptocurrency market has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with a global value of over $200 billion as of December 31, 2017. This rapid growth is due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are being traded on more than 2,000 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. This growth has also been spurred by a wide range of factors including increasing awareness and interest from retail investors; increased media coverage; and improved regulatory oversight from governments and regulators in different regions.

Since Swissblock Cryptocurrency exchange offers services in over 200 countries and it is the only platform that offers a variety of trading tools and functions including futures trading and stock trading worldwide. Once this platform gets ample exposure the community around it will grow like never before. Swissblock Crypto will constitute the largest and most influential community in the coming years.

Swissblock: Vision

Swissblock as an ecosystem is working to parch the distance between fiat and cryptocurrency by offering ease of access. Swissblock envisions making cryptocurrencies as accessible as fiat are today. This is the reason why it’s teaching cryptocurrencies through the cryptocurrency academy for free. Swissblock Crypto bank is offering all the services with crypto that you expect to get from the classic bank based on fiat. As the ecosystem matures, more investors are joining the platform to help the cause of “Crypto for everyone”.

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