Swissblock DeFi: Crypto Bank and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Swissblock DeFi

Swissblock DeFi: Crypto Bank and Cryptocurrency Exchange

Swissblock DeFi (Decentralized Finance) includes a Crypto based Bank and a Cryptocurrency Exchange that leverages its services anywhere free of trading commissions. Swissblock Ecosystem has matured itself among different departments and sectors in a way that it attains sustainability and alignment to achieve tangible goals.

To understand decentralized finance or DeFi we first need to understand what is a Centralized Finance or CeFi. In centralized finance, your money is controlled by a third party like a bank or a corporation whose goal is to make money out of your deposits. The third parties facilitate the transactions of money between two-party and it cost both the parties both fees and time.

The mechanism of how Centralized Finance operates is pretty complex. For instance, you pay for your movie ticket using your credit card. The request first goes from the merchant charging amount to the bank network whose credit card you are using.

Swissblock DeFi

The network clears the charge and requests a payment from your bank. After the approval, the payment is moved from your bank to the merchant’s bank. Each party involved charges a fee for their services. Not only this whole chain of service slows the process but also costs you a large sum of fees.

That’s the process for a simple transaction, now imagine if you apply for a loan – it might take days to process the application and you might not need it by the time it approves.

Decentralized Finance offers the solution to both these problems it eliminates third-party involvement and reduces the transaction time. By removing the intermediaries and allowing people to conduct pair-to-pair transactions through blockchain, DeFi becomes one of the most anticipated emerging technology being used by Swissblock. Using security protocols, distributed ledger, and immutability, the blockchain transfers of funds becomes the most efficient and trusted method.

This technology allows you to lend, borrow, and trade assets on Swissblock from anywhere you have an active internet connection. Its decentralized nature of it allows you to have control over your funds and the immutability of blockchain acts as a guard against any attempt to temper the transaction history. Once a transaction is recorded on a blockchain, it becomes almost impossible to change it later.

The nature of this technology is decentralized as every transaction is verified by a group of people on the network through a consensus mechanism. This gives power to the community instead of giving it to a single entity to create a monopoly.

Decentralized Finance acts against the core models of classic centralized finance as anyone can use this technology and service regardless of their identity or geo-location. Swissblock DeFi is for everyone – be it a retail trader, a merchant, an investor, or a company.

Why Use Swissblock DeFi?

Swissblock envisions offering cryptocurrencies the ease of access and making people educated so they can make informed decisions. The goal is to make cryptocurrency as accessible as fiat. This stretches Swissblock services to create a more open, free, and fair financial market that is accessible to everyone. Swissblock DeFi is useful for the following services it provides.

  1. Open:

    Swissblock DeFi services are open to open to everyone. If you already have an account with KYC provided, you don’t need to apply to access the DeFi on Swissblock.

  2. Flexible:

    With Swissblock DeFi, you don’t need to apply and wait for days to get your request approved. Everything is available at your fingertip. No Fees, No long transfers, No permissions.

  3. Fast:

    All blockchain transfers are fast but none are free as on Swissblock Exchange. The crypto exchange offers you high scalability with no network congestions without any trading fees.

  4. Transparency:

    you can not view the transaction history of anyone even your brother unless he allows it. Well, that’s not the case with blockchain. All blockchain transfers are publicly available and anyone can check the transfers on blockchain explorers.

Swissblock DeFi: Crypto Bank

Swissblock Crypto Bank is a mesh of DeFi and CeFi as it offers all the freedom of decentralized finance with the security of centralized finance. Swissblock offers credit and debit cards and other banking services in the US, UK, and EU. The customers can also apply for a loan in the Swissblock Crypto bank.

Swissblock DeFi: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Swissblock Cryptocurrency Exchange also offers DeFi services on its platform. Users can lend and borrow on the platform from anywhere in the world with the smallest collateral. Swissblock exchange also offers all trading services on the multifunctional exchange for free.

Swissblock ecosystem is growing apace and the community around is growing insanely. Swissblock offers users the to track the fast-growing DeFi protocols and tokens listed on the platform. Using a weighted average of real-time prices, Swissblock calculates the growth of these assets so our customers can benefit from these at their maximum.

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