Swissblock july updates with amazing digital banking features

Swissblock july updates with amazing digital banking features

Digital banking is need of the hour because swift and easy payments is basic necessity of ecommerce and online dealings. This july we have updated our systems and introduced new exciting features to ease money transfers and online dealings. July updates are packed up with more products and service upgradations that will escalate your day to day banking.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in and get the idea of new digital banking features

Invest your idle cash in crypto through easy and in app conversions

Are you ready to explore a new frontier of business and want to invest the idle cash? Meet crypto and invest in your favourite currency by simple clicks. Swissblock exchange provides you with long lasting and easy crypto investment approach that is helpful in transferring funds and buying crypto through fiat without involving any third party.

The account owner just need to unlock the crypto features without any hectic KYC.

Cryptocurrencies are volatile and the price can go lower too. Trade at your own risk and avoid trading without strategy.

Fast payments by upgradation of system and card management

By swissblock, payments can be processed in 5 seconds with 24/7 support and low fee. Also now you can search cards in ‘cards’ section buy just putting the card holder name or last digits of the card. Apply filters and bulk actions and enjoy the ease of searching cards.

We just rolled in the improvements in card management and details. Now see the apple pay and google pay details easily and clearly. Just click the card details and copy them. We told you, it’s easier than ever.

That’s all for now. These are the updates for the July month. We will meet you after a month for more updates and products that will help in digital banking.

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