Swissblock: Trade Crypto Spot, Futures, Margin, and Options on a single platform

Swissblock: Trade Crypto Spot, Futures, Margin, and Options on a single platform

Swissblock is a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange that offers a seamless trading experience with
tons of tools and options for the crypto novice and amateurs. Swissblock Crypto exchange is a global
trading platform that charges unconditionally Zero Fees on all trading activities.
The purpose of cryptocurrencies is to make payments painless, borderless, fast, and secure. Ease and
comfort of transfer are the core purposes of cryptocurrencies yet there was no exchange to buy Bitcoin
over a year after its launch. People could either mine Bitcoins or buy them through risky P2P methods.
In 2010, the first crypto exchange was launched which offered to buy Bitcoins with
fiat. Crypto exchanges hold the most lucrative, daunting, and risky assets, and these platforms are
rapidly maturing covering their vulnerabilities and adding more tools to assist the traders and intuitions
to bag more crypto with ease. This bridge between fiat and cryptocurrencies keeps narrowing and
Swissblock is deploying full-scale exertions to provide a platform that offers more than any exchange in
the market.
Swissblock exchange believes in “Crypto for all” and huge fees and commission are the hindrances in its
wide-scale adoption. This is the reason why Swissblock decided to offer all the exchange services free of
cost – no hidden fees, no large spreads. The platform remains crystal clear in transparency while dealing
with crypto enthusiasts as well as abiding by territorial laws. The platform is a well-regulated exchange
in all geo-locations. It supports a large number of crypto pairs to help you choose the one on your watch
list. Spot trade has the largest number of pairs and there are more being added every day. Crypto pairs
are added to the platform after a complete screening by a team of experts. The trading volume of
Swissblock is being multiplied as the platform is getting more attention due to its multifunctional
features. Soon, it will be among the top 10 crypto exchanges with respect to trading volume. The
multimode multifunctional deployment ensures optimum scalability. Irrespective of the number of
visitors and their trading volume, Swissblock always sticks to the strict policy of charging no fees.
Since Swissblock is the only exchange that offers Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading in one place
and is regulated in over 200+ countries, it engages the largest community from across the globe.
Swissblock, therefore, becomes a platform where investors and experts share their insights and put
their trust in the platform. Since crypto knows no boundaries, Swissblock is offered on multiple
Operating systems including Android, Windows, IOS, and web versions in multiple languages. As they
say, the crypto world never sleeps; Swissblock offers 24/7 customer support and world-class service in
your preferred language.
The interface of Swissblock is beginner-friendly yet equipped with everything an amateur trader would
require. Interactive live price charts, advanced indicators, widgets, and multiple trade automation
options like market orders, limit orders, OCO, and Stop-Limit orders – you name it, and you’ll find it.
Swaps between fiat to crypto and crypto to fiat are made so easy with a huge number of payment
options. And don’t forget, Swissblock is the only exchange that offers you to trade crypto and stocks on
a single platform without worrying about fees.
Margin trades, options, and Swissblock futures are so planned that the funds of retail traders remain
intact even in the most volatile market situations. Swissblock offers leverages as high as 120x on a large

number of crypto pairs. The exchange is committed to providing the most transparent, fair, and
competitive trading platform for traders across the world. Swissblock, in no way, intervenes or
manipulates the price of a token and the prices are based on the users’ input.
Securing users’ funds in hot wallets is the biggest challenge, however, Swissblock Exchange takes up the
challenge and deployed the most secure algorithm. After undergoing the most rigorous tests and audits
from well-known cyber security institutions, Swissblock becomes one of the most secure and fast
platforms that is accessible by the largest community in the world. Swissblock is not only an exchange
but a whole ecosystem that includes a successful Crypto exchange and a crypto bank being widely
adopted in the well-regulated geo-locations. Currently, Swissblock has acquired the license for Crypto
banking in the US, EU, and the UK.
The economic model of the crypto exchange is rapidly maturing itself in a way that Swissblock does not
require to charge any trading fees. The ecosystem has automated its financial stream to only rely on the
banking services and Swissblock is committed to keeping the Crypto Exchange service “free for all”.
Swissblock targets the largest crypto community. Swissblock targets both new and advanced crypto
investors and retail traders and the user feedback are extremely positive on all services. With an
impressive number of products and features and very responsive customer support, Swissblock is
winning so much love from everyone – it’s people’s Exchange.

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