The Sustainability across Swissblock Departments

Swissblock Departments

The Sustainability across Swissblock Departments

Swissblock mainly includes 3 departments as a part of its ecosystem in this article we will discuss the sustainability across Swissblock departments: Swissblock Cryptocurrency Exchange, Swissblock Crypto Bank, and Swissblock Academy. All these departments function completely differently but they all share one thing in common which is blockchain technology.

Swissblock Departments:

The first and the major department which is the face of Swissblock is the multifunctional Cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading services for free to anywhere in the world. Swissblock is the only exchange that offers Spot, futures, margins, and stock trading in one place and is regulated in over 200+ countries. The platform offers 24/7 support and it is well regularized globally. Running a cryptocurrency exchange involves many sub-sectors to work with coordination.

Firstly, this project started in the hands of the strategic planning team and the developers. Then comes the security and audit teams and marketing team. When it comes to full functionality, the team encounters the local regulatory departments, and licensing becomes a challenge at certain locations. Funds management, hot and cold wallets managements, liquidity provision, security, help and support, marketing, developments, public relations, and p2p support are the main sectors that are required for just one department.

The Swissblock Crypto Bank is another larger department that functions as a traditional bank but more. Now that we acquired a Crypto license from the US, UK, and EU, and have built the infrastructure in these locations most of the sectors are closed and new have replaced them. Mobilizing funds, managing physical banking services, developing banking apps and keeping everything up to date, and offering credit and debit cards are the main responsibilities that are performed by different sectors in the department.

Last but not the least, the Swissblock Crypto Academy department also requires a diverse set of skills and experts to operate. Developers, publishers, and writers work together to run this department so that crypto enthusiasts could learn and make informed decisions.

How does Swissblock ensure Sustainability across Swissblock Departments?

In the early stages of an ecosystem, there is not much coherence required unless you aim for developing the core business department. If a company envisions rising as a business model it is very necessary to bring sustainability as a must thing not an add-on otherwise the misalignment can cause the departments to shatter and fall apart. This sustainability is not all about corporate social responsibilities but includes core innovation, cost efficiency, competitive analysis, risk management, and marketing strategies.

To avoid the pitfalls and succeed at ensuring sustainability across different departments, it is very necessary to leverage the appropriate alignments. A perfectly aligned organization between different departments is less likely to derail. Swissblock practices the following approaches to grow as a sustained blockchain company.

Swissblock Departments


No department can survive if there’s an ecosystem relying on the core technology such as Swissblock depending on the blockchain technology. Integration of the departments by encouraging a shared value approach and inclusive environment can help achieve the goal. The strategic and planning team made sure that none of the Swissblock objectives should bet against the sustainability across the departments but found a soft spot to fit in the design.

Swissblock measures the integration of these departments through the custom build KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and quality assurance benchmarks. In this way, the integration makes sustainability a part of our go-to plan to keep everything aligned and act against the exposures to divergences.

Coordination among Swissblock Departments:

“A chain is as strong as its weakest link”, Swissblock departments are well-coordinated between different sectors as they engage the company’s internal stakeholders and makes the decision through a uniquely devised consensus mechanism. All this is done by our department of Coordination and external affairs department that deals with everything at a company’s level. When it comes to decisions making the experts from each department join hands to directly include the strategy leads and policymakers define the company’s positions to come up with a sustained solution without misaligning any department.

Policy alignment:

The economic model of the Swissblock departments is not as simple as other similar companies. The fact that one of the major departments will offer its services as a cryptocurrency exchange for free makes policymaking more complex economically. The exchange feeds on the funds that come from the Swissblock bank as the Swissblock academy also doesn’t generate any revenues. Swissblock departments had to undergo strict viability tests to make sure that initiatives are viable internally and externally after everything is scaled to its full functionality.

Swissblock departments are deploying a sustainable strategy that can bring tangible goals as every strategy is approved by the core team after passing several benchmarks set by the core team. Swissblock has matured its business model and developed an ecosystem that offers the end-users services they want and investors a thriving environment. Swissblock’s financial model largely depends on the crypto bank which fuels both Cryptocurrency exchange and the Swissblock Crypto Academy. Swissblock as Swissblock Departments envisions conquering the throne as a crypto bank and as a Cryptocurrency blockchain together and this is only possible when we bring every department to play its role smartly and aid the whole ecosystem.


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